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kmc 02-24-2003 10:07 AM

My kids &amp; I have just finished building our own wakeskate. All the prep work for the finish is done but we aren't sure how to go about putting the finish coats on. We would like to Paint it to match the colors of the boat &amp; my son wants to design some sort of graphics on the bottom. My question is this ... Do we paint it with exterior enamel paints &amp; then coat it with marine spar varnish? Can we varnish over the paint &amp; will it hold up or should we be putting fiberglass resin over the paint? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR>Ken <BR>

wakeeater 02-24-2003 10:28 PM

don't worry about painting it all fancy just use spray paint and stencils the graphicas will strach no matter what

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