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Jmorlan 08-10-2020 5:17 PM

Wake Tractor - Let's be serious
I first thought a few years back, who in their right mind would pay 50k for one of these things??

Now I guess I've seen it all.

I dont even think kanye's mentally ill self would pay 80k for this thing.

Who buys these??

hal2814 08-11-2020 12:41 AM

The WT-SURF is a bigger boat than the original Wake Tractor and they are asking more for them. If I remember right, not quite $80k though. To me personally, trying to sell a brand new “surf” without anything but a stick-on gate to shape the wave is ridiculous. Even during this ridiculous run up on boat buying I’m noticing a lot of Heyday still in stock so my guess is almost nobody is buying them.

dougr 08-11-2020 1:53 AM

Its a boat, it floats, but once you get in one, and compare it to anything with a normal layout, you will see why its what it is. they are popular rentals in our area. and they are IMO horrible. Go get in one, you will see. Its the suzuki samari, pontiac aztec of the wake boat world.

denverd1 08-11-2020 9:45 AM

there's one on the lake I frequent. looks to put out a decent wave. no idea what they're running in terms of weight/gate.

they're a lower end alternative. summer camps seem to like them.

wouldn't have one if you gave it to me

sandm01 08-14-2020 9:01 AM

that color is not very appealing on that boat. usually a fan of green but that boat would only look at home being towed by a green v8 gremlin......

joesell 08-15-2020 5:47 AM

why does the passenger seat face forward? Don't they sell this as a wakeboat?

Lemonade 08-20-2020 8:25 AM

I for one am coming around on them. All reports say the wave is great, a friend who owns a brewery traded in his MC X10 on a WT Surf and is floored by it. Has had three up on one wave at a time. Pricing is falling in line like other entry level boats. If they can steal away a couple design guys I think they'll make a leap. I have heard concerns about build quality "feel" but I'll need to see that for myself tbh. I had a Sanger and no one around here could fathom that I'd buy that boat, till they saw the wave. Proof is in the pudding I suppose, and the white/red one on their Instagram page looks very sharp/upscale.

soonerbilly 08-20-2020 9:07 AM

IF they had storage instead of the crazy rear seats they wouldn't be half bad. They have them at our local lake, thought about taking 1 for a spin. But lack of storage is kind of a deal breaker for most i would think.

dougr 08-21-2020 1:54 AM

Its hard to justify something that is uncomfortable and strange as a day boat, and it may make an ok wave, but you have to deal with it the other 80% of the time, as a boat, and its not a great product for relaxing, etc

infinitysurf 08-26-2020 2:20 AM

I have been out several times on both the original and the bigger WT. The surf wave is actually pretty good, there is one competition here in NC that is pulled by the WT. No doubt the boat itself is pretty fuggly and there are some cheap materials that are not likely to hold up long and from what I have seen the depreciation is really steep. All that said, I would not personally buy one.... but I certainly would not turn down pulls from one.

denverd1 08-26-2020 6:06 AM

for a fairly new line, there's just too much of a departure from "the norm". and yes, the rear "seats" aren't earning them any fans.

smitty75 08-28-2020 11:43 PM

At $70-80k most people are financing, so no sure why someone would choose this when they could be in a new or almost new Supra/Malibu or similar and be within a couple hundred payment wise. And even if paying cash, if Iíve got 80k to spend odds are good most other bills are paid off and Iím throwing a decent amount in savings every month. So sit for a few more months and spend 90 on a 2 year old reputable and popular brand. Boats are hardly depreciating if you buy right.

hal2814 08-29-2020 2:32 PM

I saw a Wake Tractor out on the lake for the first time today. Unfortunately i couldn’t get a look at the surf wave or wakeboard wake. It was pulling a tube all day long.

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