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gharvin 11-04-2009 6:08 AM

I am looking at putting a new sub and enclosure in my 09 210SAN. The factory sub/location sucks. <BR> <BR>I am kicking the tire between these options (in no order): <BR>Kicker 12 L7 <BR>Kicker 12 L5 <BR>Kicker CVX12 <BR>Alpine Type "r" <BR> <BR>Amps would be between these: <BR>Kicker ZX750.1 750 at 2ohm <BR>Diamond Audio D31000.1 600 at 2ohm/1000 at 1 ohm <BR>Hifonics BXI1210D 900 Watts 2ohm <BR>Alpine MRP-1000 1000 watt at 2 ohm <BR> <BR>I prefer to run the sub at a 2 ohm load as to not strain the crap out of the amp. <BR> <BR>Sub Box: <BR>I was going to be a simple sealed enclosure and waterproof myself with truck bed liner/rip off carpet. Who makes the best there are so many sub enclosure companies. I want a selaed enclosure though. <BR> <BR>My main issues here are: <BR>-I am not about having to be heard from a distance. <BR>-I enjoy my music, and want a tight bass and responsive bass response from the sub. <BR>-I guess i am more interested in SQ versus SPL. <BR> <BR>Whats the thoughts on the equipment and scenario; I am not the best at building bass. Unfortunately there is no one in the area with a CVX setup to demo or Type 'R'. I previously had a 12" L5 in a sealed box in my supra. It was good but in a vented area, this box will be in the observers storage area (will the area need to be vented).

05mobiuslsv 11-04-2009 7:01 AM

Out of all that I'd go with the 12" L7 but step it up to the kicker zx1000.1 amp. This would be a pretty good setup for a sealed application. Why don't you just build the sealed box, couldn't be easier especially if you're doing a square/rectangle box.

hatepain 11-04-2009 7:49 AM

I concur with nubu as I prefer to over power subs but the 750 would still do a great job. If you want to run a 1000 watts at it Murphy Smith on here as a killer amp ARC Audio KS1000.1 for sale that would be an awesome choice alongside that sub. <BR> <BR> Specifications: <BR>Power output RMS @ 4 ohms: 1 x 850 watts <BR>Power output RMS @ 2 ohms: 1 x 1000 watts <BR>Power output RMS @ 1 ohm: 1 x 1000 watts <BR>Transient Distortion (400W): <.05% @ 4 ohms <BR>Frequency Response: 20Hz - 250Hz <BR>Signal to Noise Ratio (A wtg.): >112dB <BR>Bass Boost: <a href="mailto:+15dB@10-125Hz">+15dB@10-125Hz</a> <BR>Crossover (Butterworth): 30Hz - 250Hz variable 24dB <BR>Fuse: 30A x 2 <BR>Size: 15.0 1/2"(L) x 8.0"(W) x 2 3/8"(H) <BR>KS 1000.1 - ARC Audio 1 Channel 1000 Watt Amplifier KS1000.1

chucktronics 11-04-2009 8:20 AM

Gary- sick boat ! <BR>I have a 08 220 same colors . <BR> <BR>Of your choices above ,I would go with either the 12L7 or 12L5. I personally think the l5 is a slightly better and smoother sounding speaker than the L7 . However this dramatically changes with the power you decide to run. When it comes to boats always give slightly more than needed ,this helps more than what ohm load you choose to run.

mendo247 11-04-2009 8:48 AM

L7! And feed it some power!!

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