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grant_west 05-06-2019 4:48 AM

Nautique Gauge bezelís
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So the stock plastic gauges have these thin silver plastic gauge bezels they cracked. (My boat is 18years old)

grant_west 05-06-2019 4:49 AM

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You have to buy a complete new gauge if you want a new trim ring

grant_west 05-06-2019 4:50 AM

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Lucky for me my brother has a 3D printer

grant_west 05-06-2019 4:51 AM

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Here is the printed gauge ring.

grant_west 05-06-2019 4:51 AM

So I’ll sand them down and use some high build primer and paint them silver

tre 05-06-2019 9:19 AM

very cool idea to use a 3D printer. Post pics when you paint it. Would love to see how it turns out.

brhanley 05-07-2019 5:36 AM

Very nice. I have the same gauges and I think one of mine is cracked too. You should sell them!

grant_west 05-07-2019 3:34 PM

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Here is one of the painted 3D printed rings

markj 05-08-2019 4:13 AM

Is this your debut as a hand model? Lol

Thatís turning out well. Nice job sanding something so small. That mustíve been tedious. Are you planning a clear coat after the silver? It looks like the originals had a clear coat.

grant_west 05-08-2019 4:37 AM

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Mark your Silly Themís my Brothers Big Mitts :)
The paint I used for this first Test was some Metallic Silver Rustolium. And it usually has plenty of gloss but the test for some reason looks sorta semi gloss or even flat.
I have had good luck with painting plastic using the Fusion brand flick can. I will pick up a can of that for Test #2 my Brother printed like 20 rings so if you guys need some let me know. My Brother made a holder for the rings so you can place them on a drill and spin it and sand away. He said he got his finished in like 1 Min.

grant_west 05-15-2019 4:42 AM

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This 3D printed Material is pretty Porous. I had to sand and repaint them 3x because the material seemed to soak in and shrink showing scratches.

grant_west 05-19-2019 9:40 AM

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My brother is a genius the gauge bezels he made snapped in and locked into place requiring no glue.

grant_west 05-19-2019 9:42 AM

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The Fuel Gauge is still stock and Iíll take that one off and replace it

tre 05-20-2019 4:04 AM

Those turned out really nice!

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