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wakerider111 09-20-2008 12:42 PM

I am gona be meeting with one of the big top head honchos out at Lake Powell (Aramark) that is involved in plans for updating Boat Rentals. I heard from some of my friends that work there that one of the ideas is putting a winch out there. I want to try to convince him that a winch would be great but that a Sesitec 2.0 would be better!!! <BR> <BR>I am gona meet with him in about <font size="+2">1 hour</font> (i know this thread is last minute, just thought of it) <BR> <BR>The biggest question i have is: <BR>How do you get back up when you fall? can you grab the line as it comes around or do you have to swim back to the starting point or what? <BR> <BR>i have had other friends ask me this and i don't know the answer as i have never ridden a cable of any sort... only a winch. <BR> <BR>-------------------------------------------- <BR>I am gona make these arguments <BR>1. quieter motor <BR>2. *** electric motor *** more enviromentally friendly *** (aramark is big on being green) <BR>3.a. Though the initial investment is larger for the sesitec 2.0 it will save money in the long run because gas does not have to be purchased to run it <BR>3.b. a winch, though cheaper will require a jet ski (another large initial investment and larger need for ga$... and pollutions) or a walkable beach/dock to the side which is inconvenient and may require more worker$ to run it to pull the line out each time. <BR>4. sesitec is continuous ride and winch is one way <BR>5. wakeboarding is becoming the main stream of watersports and something should be done to please that growing public <BR>6. Antelope point marina has a winch... this will be the best way to compete. <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>(f.y.i. i really don't care too much if Aramark or antelope point does better on pleasing the wakeboarder community. i just want to help better the Powell wake scene in whatever way i can and hopefully be a major part of it. <BR> <BR>also any other ideas you have would be appreciated

woohoo 09-20-2008 12:50 PM

I've never seen the sesitec in person but I'd think it's just like a regular cable, swim to shore and walk back to the start dock.

wakerider111 09-20-2008 1:10 PM

funny thing is... <BR>it would probably be easier to set something really good up at Antelope. "good," meaning rails and stuff. because antelope is on Navajo land which seems to allow them (antelope marina) more leeway to do things that aramark or even any other company on any other lake that has NPS all over it to do. <BR> <BR>the location of antelope point marina alone is an example of what they can get away with. I mean it is blocking a major water way, right in the middle of a canyon, not even a bay or anything really. They are already planning on potential rails next year, which i hope happens. but if aramark put up something like that NPS would have a fit i am sure. <BR> <BR>well, like i said, i just want to see wake pushed more in this samll community of Page, AZ, Lake Powell. <BR> <BR>------------------------------------------- <BR>antelope already knows about the sesitec 2.0. (they got workers who actually KNOW something about wake, hehehe) but are seeing how the winch goes first. plus they already bought the winch a couple of years back, just had not set it up yet. If there ends up being one at two marinas or more... all the merrier then ehh?

fleming 09-20-2008 1:14 PM

the sesitec can be controlled, so you can sit in the water and the person controlling it can bring the rope back out to you and pick you back up. <BR> <BR>sorry this is late.

wakerider111 09-20-2008 1:30 PM

cool, perfect timing <BR>heading out to work now <BR>tahnx dan and sean

wakerider111 09-22-2008 11:13 AM

in case there were some wondering what ever happened with my meeting... <BR> <BR>I actually was not able to meet with him at that time. The guy is super busy and not even he seems to know his exact schedule or even the people directly under him. So, i am sure he is not blowing me off. i also have friends that work there that are gona keep tabs on him and let me know when he is in so i can talk to him next time. they say he still wants to meet with me though <BR> <BR> <BR>anyway, if anyone has any other ideas to add to push wake out here, feel free to add, as i have time till the next meeting... whenever that will be.

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