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hal2814 07-18-2019 9:08 AM

Hyperlite Murray delamination and awesome warranty response
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Last Wednesday (July 10) I was riding my 2018 Murray. After a set my wife was like, ďI think your board is broken.Ē I took off my board and noticed a huge strip had peeled off the center of the board. I contacted BuyWake right away since thatís where I got it from and it was still under warranty. They filed a claim quickly and since they were out of 18s they offered me a 2019 or store credit towards something else. I opted for the 2019 and it arrived today (July 18). It always stinks to lose a board but BuyWake and Hyperlite did an amazing job of making things right.

scotthons 07-18-2019 10:16 AM

Nice! I have always liked buywake.

rcraighughes 07-29-2019 2:41 PM

you will love the 19 as well

granddaddy53 08-02-2019 1:26 AM

I highly recommend the team x close toe bindings with the 144 board, got both this year snd I love how you can tighten up bindings just like I do for a snow ski boot depressing the tongue with shin and that moving heel back into the heel grip portion of binding doing it a couple times tightening the laces each time more , creates great heel grab, super comfortable laced up tight

Luv the landings with that board and I got a great deal on the combo while getting wife the 19 prism with onyx boots ( top of the line womenís)

Got both for $860 delivered , couldnít pass up upgrading our old HLís at that deal

Better brands and boards out there but $1250 and up for a Ronix combo is something my riding will never live up to

theloungelife 08-05-2019 11:20 AM

Nice, just got my lady a Prism as well. I ride the Murray so it was a no brainer. She loves it too!

granddaddy53 08-06-2019 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by theloungelife (Post 1990688)
Nice, just got my lady a Prism as well. I ride the Murray so it was a no brainer. She loves it too!

The Onyx boots are very nice with it, my Team X so comfortable and performing when laced tight

The wife is up to one wake hops toes and heals, just canít convince her to yank the rope for an inside/out one wake hop

on_wi 08-07-2019 2:27 AM

I've had good experiences with Ronix and warranty issues. I expect an item to be replaced if broken within the warranty period, but Ronix has been very fast to respond and lead to very limited downtime. Liquid force was much more difficult to deal with.

fly135 08-13-2019 5:10 AM

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This probably won't be covered.

paulharenberg 08-15-2019 5:08 AM

Odub strikes again. Odub vs board, Odub always wins eventually.

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