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Rugger 08-23-2017 3:02 PM

Stealth Surf Gates (DIY)
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Just wanted to share a new project I finished. Homemade surf gates with LEDs on my 2007 LSV. All automated with a controller.... No more manual switching sides for us!

I made a lot of mistakes, but they came out cool. Several projects within a project including:

fiberglass/gel coated gates
custom swim brackets that raise platform 3" higher
new swim platform swap
LEDs built into/behind the gates
Wake Logic automated controller
custom stainless steel emblem

I know many are still contemplating adding surf devices. We certainly love this boat and even more now!!! Hope this helps someone with ideas.

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The entire step by step project is on Wake Garage in the completed projects section. Too much to repost -- it was a big project. Made a lot of mistakes along the way for sure!!!


saberworks 08-23-2017 4:25 PM

Looks awesome!!!

mark197 08-23-2017 8:24 PM

Wow that is beautiful! Nice work!

Rugger 08-23-2017 8:29 PM

Thanks man. Was A LOT of work, not gonna lie. But I like my stuff to look like it could have come this way, not a bolt on. Thankfully I built them on my previous boat (03 Lsv) too, so I had some experience with them. Knew right away that this was the plan when we changed boats to the 247 last summer.

I just hope it's helpful to anyone else considering doing this. I like to learn from others and give back when I can.

08-24-2017 1:26 AM

Wow, that's beautiful. Great work!

onlyinboards 08-24-2017 7:12 AM

Unreal! Amazing job!

CALIV210 08-24-2017 7:18 AM

So first off let me say I love the boat its beautiful !!
Second what a fine job you did building those gates they look as good or better then stock . The attention to detail is fantastic all the way down to the updated swim deck and making it all work together .

Im from northern Cali too what lakes do you frequent? We do Berryessa the Delta and East Park Reservoir the most .

Rugger 08-24-2017 9:18 AM

Thank you. We mostly go to Folsom (15 min away) for day trips and Bullards Bar for all overnight trips. Just stoked there's water this year! Been a crappy last five years in Nor Cal. Nice to see Folsom open in late August.

CALIV210 08-24-2017 9:35 AM


Originally Posted by Rugger (Post 1966149)
Thank you. We mostly go to Folsom (15 min away) for day trips and Bullards Bar for all overnight trips. Just stoked there's water this year! Been a crappy last five years in Nor Cal. Nice to see Folsom open in late August.

I love Bullards bar except the bears not so much ..lol I thought id be a tough guy and sleep in the bed of my lowered GMC and then in the middle of the night a bear came and woke me up with his stinky breath . I jumped so bad it scared him half to death .
I have a friend that lives a mile from Folsom I still haven't been on that lake yet but I will one of these days.

Rugger 08-24-2017 2:49 PM

No thanks! I've heard plenty of bear stories up there. Thankfully we've never seen them when shore camping. But I know we are overdue for one at the regular spots.

Lemonade 08-24-2017 3:10 PM

Where's the pics of the wave?

Hyperryd 08-25-2017 6:11 AM

I saw this over on WakeGarage.com. All of your projects are sweet Regger. What's next? You've got a whole off season coming up. Idle hands...

jonblarc7 08-25-2017 8:57 AM

All I can say is wow!!!!!

Rugger 08-28-2017 7:50 AM

Cool thanks. They work awesome!

I tested the first prototype of Wake Logic controller years ago when I made gates for my previous boat (03 Lsv). The system has really come a long way. Having a solid automated controller for a diy surf device is like adding perfect pass to your boat... you'll never go back. Luckily there are several options for that now too.

MCObray 08-28-2017 10:03 AM

This is some top notch work here. Nice craftsmanship!!

TimbrSS 09-01-2017 6:12 PM

Turned out great.

Rugger 09-12-2017 9:49 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Few pics of the LEDs in the gates.

Attachment 43568
Attachment 43569
Attachment 43570

These are on Wake Garage link too but had a bunch of questions about them. So far so good... I should have cut out a bigger hole on the back side. I tried to get fancy with the cutout, which was a stupid mistake, and meant that when I went to throw the LED strips in, I had to cut out 2 or 3 rows just to get them to fit. Had I cut out a larger hole, squared off, it would have been better.

Was gonna wire the LEDs in the gate so that when we do the wake transfer, the LED on the surf side comes on right as that gate starts to open... which means its time to shoot over to the other side. But now that they are working, I'm not sure it's bright enough for the daytime. Plus, we use the remote control which is in the surfer's hand anyway most of the time. The Wake Logic controller is money.

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