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wakeriderixi 02-23-2004 9:37 PM

Well Febuary 18th was my 21st birthday but the real party was the 20th-22nd. I tally-hoed down to Tally with two friends to spend the weekend partying with my friend Kyle and his room-mates. If ya'll are reading thanks again for the GREAT time and more so for putting up with my obnoxious self when I've had way too much drink. Anyways we had some killer hunch-punch the first time but I think I stuck with the Keg out back. Past alot of loud talking from myself and getting killed in pool all night long I dont remember too much more. Both saturday and sunday day was filled with wakeboarding and recovering from the nightbefore. Saturday I met Scott Hopkins on CWB, really good guy glad I got to meet him. The only thing that did suck about the weekend was hyperlite's Welcome came in an hour after I left for tally and saturday my 2004 ultras came in only to wait beside my brand new TFD, at least there was something to look forward too. Anyways thanks again to all of ya'll that I met, way too many to remember and espeically to kyle, jane, sean, and kevin for putting up with me all weekend and for just making it a great birthday overall! <BR>Paul <BR>P.s. put sean o'brien in relentless!

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