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batistat 04-06-2004 10:15 PM

My dad was thinkin about gettin a Malibu skier, I think it's a 93, and I was wondering if anyone knew how the wake is on it. (weighted and unweighted) <BR> <BR>

batistat 04-06-2004 10:18 PM

Oh yeah it's a 195.

malibudude 04-07-2004 12:39 PM

No sure what 195 means? Did you mean 1995 for the year or the model #? Malibu doesn't have a 195 model that would be a Mastercraft. If it is a Malibu checkout Malibuboatowners.com for specific information on that model.

batistat 04-07-2004 1:48 PM

Nope 195 is the model #. It's a Malibu 195 skier. <BR>

house 04-07-2004 2:29 PM

Must be a Malibu Skier - 19.5'. <BR>They are no new Super Air or VLX, but weighted properly you can get a decent wake with them... <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by House on April 07, 2004)

jklein 04-07-2004 4:50 PM

When I used to live in the Bay Area, there was a Blue Malibu Skier (around that year 92 to 95) that had a tower. It was a real clean boat and those guys used to be pretty good wakeboarders. Although if you're a good wakeboarder (and I suck) you can throw a trick off the flats. I assume the wake was ok cause they looked like they were enjoying it and they were out there all the time.

batistat 04-07-2004 10:33 PM

Well I suck too, but I'm tryin to get better. Right now I'm ridin behind a Four Winns 180 horizon with no tower or weight. Definitely not the ideal boat.

wake2end 04-08-2004 1:24 AM

I'm looking at an 89 Malibu Skier, if it's weighted, which I want to do, would the wake be good? compared to an old nautique?

04-08-2004 4:31 AM

I own a'92 Sunsetter Euro. Puts out a nice rampy wake. 500lbs on each side of the motor and 350lbs in the ski locker.

rich_g 04-08-2004 7:58 AM

I owned a 94 Skier which I sold last year, and upgraded to a used v-drive. I bought the boat as a slalom boat, and you can't beat the value equation for a no frills ski boat. My kids got into wakeboarding and we transformed the boat with a pylon and fat sacs. You will max out on weight and run out of room pretty fast. Put some weight up front and it helps move the sweet spot back. We achieved a good, medium size wake. Plenty of fun, and my son was doing inverts, but they had to be executed precisely (and quickly). He progressed beyond the capabilities of that boat. If you get it at the right price, it will hold it's value, and you may want to upgrade in the future. I loved that boat, but I'm a slalom guy at heart.

rainrider 04-14-2004 2:50 PM

i have a 92 euro and usually have 4 or 5 people in it while we wakeboard. the boat throws an adequate wake though we're not pro's. i'm wondering how careful i have to be, the boat sits low already so do g turns and big weight have possibility of sinking? How non sinkable is this boat?

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