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07-05-2001 3:10 PM

Hey Guys <BR> <BR>Ive still got a problem with flipping over on the raley. I ride right foot forward. Everytime i start out with a hard cut in towards the wake, I think my weight is even, and when I get popped up I can get laid out but it snaps me up and over before I can do anything. It only lasts about one second before Im landing with a complete laid out flip. While this looks nice and makes roll to revert easy I would like to be able to stay in the laid out position so I can at least attempt to bring it back in. Any help is appreciated. <BR>Thanks again <BR> <BR>Robby

07-05-2001 8:57 PM

If you are spinning in rotation you are looking where you are going, look directly at the boat. What I do when I'm trying them is I get my friends to yell at me or wave their arms to get me to look at the boat. If you are losing the rope and flipping, then you need to hold on tighter or not throw the trick so hard off the wake. Hope this helps <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR>www.Ladyboarder.com <BR>www.XtremeGearOnline.com <BR>Hyperlite Wakeboards <BR><A HREF="mailto:Thelandroid@yahoo.com">Thelandroid@ya hoo.com</A> <BR>AIM Suprachickchick

instead of pushing your feet behind you 07-06-2001 1:58 AM

Robby, it's me Joseph. there is a guy here in Valdosta that rode behind my boat two days ago and he landed about five without falling. he said that i was throwing the trick to hard. edge hard but when you hit the wake...push down on your toes( instead of pushing your feet behind you) and let your arms out. if i could keep my head up and hang on to pull the rope i would have it. give me a call if you still have my number.

07-06-2001 9:32 PM

Thanks Tiff I can hang on to the rope the whole time it just whips me up and over like a huge laid out mexican backroll. Either im just throwing my legs back too hard or something I cant figure out what yet but ill keep trying. Ive landed 2 so far barely but the flip just keeps on creepin in there so I cant land them consistently at all. Any other advice you have would help. Thanks again.

which I don't everytime 07-07-2001 4:08 PM

Start trying to do them on a wakeskate. The landings aren't nearly as painful. It will let you learn technique, so when you strap on the wakeboard, you will already know the feeling when you are up there. <BR> <BR>You have to look at the boat when you are in the air. Your body will follow your head. <BR> <BR>Also, I cut all the way thru the wake. When I do it correctly (which I don't everytime), I get snapped back and then my feet come back underneath me.

08-03-2001 3:19 PM

you need 2 start pulling the handle down when it gets 2 about level with your eyes! if u pull it down in 2 your knees it will also help pull the board under u!!!

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