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herbilizer 03-16-2004 7:15 PM

But... this one is about fitting. <BR> <BR>First of all, just some background... I am in Hong Kong, so our selection of bindings is limited. Hyperlite is the popular brand here but I am seriously wondering about their durability as I am looking for a binding that will last me about 3 years. The 04 LFs won't arrive till early April and the CWBs have to be ordered so I can't even try them on before committing (let alone take them out for a demo). <BR> <BR>My question is this, I tried on the 04 Parks lastnight. They fit alright at the ankle, but there seems to be space on the side of my foot just below the ankle bone... should my foot be completely wrapped??? As this is my first binding purchase, I am not sure exactly how they should feel... <BR> <BR>I was in a hurry, so only tried those, will go back on friday to try the Temets... and see if they have 03 ultras... <BR> <BR>Comments?

655mac 03-16-2004 7:21 PM

I like my 03' ultras

mango 03-16-2004 7:23 PM

I would go with the CWB Zeus if the PARKS were a little too big. I never tried the TEMETS though. I'm on PARKS Bindings and they are fine for me but next season i'm going with some CWB Bindings as I have a CWB Board.

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