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Bret 09-15-2021 10:01 PM

Hydrodyne vs Malibu vs Mastercraft vs Nautique vs Sanger
So I'm looking at buying my first boat and I've had to lower my budget since I Posted my last thread So I've had to narrow it down to these 5 models of Direct Drives and now I need some help to narrow it down more:

1996 Hydordyne Grand Sport
1995-1996 Malibu Sunsetter
1996-1997 Mastercraft 205/1998 Mastercraft X Star
1993-1997 Sport Nautique
1994-1998 Sanger DLX

rallyart 09-18-2021 6:33 PM

If you're skiing the 205 and Malibu are excellent. If you want to handle chop or rough water the DLX is the only option.
At that age you need to look at condition ahead of almost anything else, Try to drive the boat before you buy it so you can feel how the seating and ride feel and how it performs as you will use it.
Good luck.

denverd1 09-21-2021 9:53 AM


agree, if you're on big water, sanger is the only option. well made boats with deeper v hull

Nautique sport: look for super sport. V drive config.

TomH 09-23-2021 12:49 PM

Realistically, they're all pretty good boats but depends on what you'll be doing with them. I've got a Grand Sport and it's been a solid boat with a really nice multi-sport wake (which is what I was looking for - slalom, wakeboard, barefoot, etc.). It does have a V-hull that carries all the way to the stern, but it's not as pronounced as the DLX, so doesn't handle rough water as well as the Sanger, but still worlds better than the other options. Most people won't know the Dyne name, so resale is a little tougher, but not terribly hard if you know where to market it. It's got a little more freeboard than the other options in that list too, but storage kind of sucks (no trunk). I live on the lake now, so not a big deal to me, but it got crowded when we trailered. Without the tower racks, it would have been a nightmare.

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