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jonblarc7 06-04-2013 8:28 AM

Input on redoing my system
I'm finally getting around to redoing my stock supra system but on a budget.

What I have now-

Amp Kenwood KAC-8402

Sub Kenwood Excelon KFC-xw12 (doesn't have a box yet you'll have to ask supra why)

Inboats 6 factory Kenwood 6.5

Tower Roswell sound bar (sold)

Now REV-10's :D

My plan is to add perko (boat doesn't have one) and already have a group 27 to go in the boat with the starting battery might even add a second group 27 but I don't float with it blaring for long periods of time so I'm not sure if I even need a second.

New amps

PPI 900.4 to run the REV 10's

PPI P1000.1 to run the sub

Keep the KAC-8402 to run the six inboats.

I'm guessing I'll run 1 gauge to a distro block and then 4 gauge to the amps.

See any problems or have better budgeted idea's or any thing I need to look out for when wiring up the amps.

boardman74 06-04-2013 11:18 AM

I say a second battery is a MUST. If you ever do sit just a little to long and it doesn't start.....your floating!! Not like needing a jump in a car. I'm not a stereo guru but I see 1900 watts there on your amps, thats a fair amount if I read that right. To run that and all the boats systems seems like alot to me. Second battery would be my fist addition. Can be done for less than $100 plus a good battery.

jonblarc7 06-04-2013 11:33 AM

Sorry when I said a second battery I meant a second group 27. I already have a starting battery and also bought a deep cycle group 27 to add but I could make it a three battery system if I need it.

whatshesaid 06-04-2013 12:47 PM

I have some Wet Sounds pro80, and a Syn4 for sale in the classifieds! The Wet Sounds amp will not use as much battery power either.

awolfinwater 06-15-2013 7:25 PM

If you ever decide to upgrade the Kenwood amp and 6.5 inboats, drop me a line.

ryanw209 06-16-2013 5:28 PM

I would suggest a WS 420 EQ also. I have one laying around so if your interested let me know.

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