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ltw235 06-23-2003 1:54 PM

This weekend I had some difficulty with my trailer. The trailer brakes (surge) were intermittently engaging, and staying engaged, although I was in the process of driving. Although they were not inhibiting my ability to drive, actually I thought there was no longer a problem until I felt my wheels when I got to the ramp, I could see no viable cause for them to remain engaged after I finished stopping. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was the cause(s)? Also, on the way home there didn't seem to be a problem, but I guess that could be because I already wore the brakes down to nothing on my way to the ramp.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> Seriously, I have plenty of brakes left, I just could not diagnose why the surge brakes were grabbing when I did nothing different than I normally do. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Can't wait for Shasta, less than two weeks baby!!!!!

grantmi1 06-23-2003 6:41 PM

I am going to Shasta in the end of July.

6more 06-24-2003 6:31 AM

Have you checked the fluid level? <BR> <BR>The other thing to check is to make sure the safety wire hasn't been pulled. It's the break away wire that will activate the brakes if you loose the trailer. If that has been pulled out farther than normal, then the brakes might be activating.

ktm250 06-24-2003 7:09 AM

If you were moving forward and this was happening you have at least one brake caliper getting hung-up. You need to have it looked at because the heat generated will cook the grease off of the bearings, or if it is new style trailer will ruin the oil in the oil bath hub along with destroying the rotor and pads. On top of all this, if it decides to "lock-up" the resulting panic stop could cause quite the "pucker factor" and a long walk.

bjbatch 06-24-2003 9:40 AM

Did you brake or downshift while going down a hill? This can activate the surge brake and then there is no reverse momentum to shift it back. If they do lock up you need to stop, rev up a little and punch it forward. This will reset the surge brake. If it keeps locking up easily and you have checked all the maintenance, you should just have your dealer check it since it is so new. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bjbatch on June 24, 2003)

ltw235 06-24-2003 4:05 PM

Sounds like it could be the actuator or un-bled brake line folks. The dealer has already ordered a new actuator, just in case, and is taking care of the issue. Thanks for all the replies.

ktm250 06-25-2003 6:46 AM

Todd, <BR> <BR>Glad to hear you will be able to make your trip with some peace of mind! Enjoy Shasta...I have heard it is awesome!

nohalfboats 06-30-2003 10:33 AM

rust from winter storage,gotta clean the drums out every so often

ltw235 06-30-2003 10:50 AM

New actuator supplied by dealer. Trailer works great!

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