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+grab 07-16-2001 6:24 AM

I am at the end of my beginner stage, about 6 feet air, can do all the grabs, W2W 180 (+grab), 360.... <BR>so I am trying to learn some cool air tricks now, what would be the easier / safer trick to start with? would it be the backroll or the raley? <BR>pls help! I really want to get something done this summer!

07-16-2001 7:46 AM

BACKROLL! Easy answer. The raley is going to be a lot riskier of a trick to try. I would rather have a few bruises trying a ton of backrolls than be out for the rest of the season trying to do one raley.

07-16-2001 5:01 PM

Why would you be out for the rest of the season after doing a raley? I can't do one yet but I was wondering what to watch out for. Joe

and doing a nasty faceplant 07-16-2001 9:21 PM

I have crashed and burned on TONS of raleys. I have gone from not getting my feet down at all, to getting them about 85% of the way down (and doing a nasty faceplant) to landing on the board and it just sliding out from underneath me. Most of the crashes haven't really hurt. I learned the motion on a wakeskate and that may of helped me. I have never rolled on a raley (like most people do at first). In my opinion, a raley is going to knock the breath out of you and give you a spliting headache, but you aren't going to be out of the rest of the season (unless you break a rib or something). My worse crash ever was on a backroll. Just my 2 cents... <BR> <BR>A raley is all about the nuts to do it. If you are going to puss out and let off your cut, it isn't for you. <BR> <BR>Remember, If you are going to dance - sometimes you have to pay the band.

07-17-2001 1:05 AM

thanks guys, will try back roll this weekend...

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