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butta_boarder 07-26-2004 2:46 PM

This is probaly a stupid question but can I use one of my old skate decks as a wakeskate?

mango 07-27-2004 9:05 AM

LOL...No Comment! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>

butta_boarder 07-27-2004 9:30 AM

lol yah i thought so im gona try it this weekend and see what happens

obrienride16 07-27-2004 2:45 PM

you could totally do it! don't let these nay sayers bring you down man. just make sure you keep the trucks on it, they work as hydrofoils.

butta_boarder 07-27-2004 5:42 PM

do they??

austnjpr 07-28-2004 7:39 AM

Tanner...No the trucks will no act as "hydrofoils"....The issue with trying to use an old skate deck is that fact that the size is relativly small and will have a hard time displacing enough water to keep your weight on top of the water..... <BR>For fawkin off it may be worth a try but for acctually getting serious it is not worth the effort.

butta_boarder 07-28-2004 9:10 AM

Thanks Robert thats what i thought my dad said he would buy me a wakeskate if i could get up on it and do a few little things.

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