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jenw2w 07-01-2007 7:52 PM

Hello all. Just got a new set up this wk end. Ronix Coy with Rise bindings. I am in love! The Coy lands so much softer than my last years Murray. My problem is that I am in a rut. I have tried for 2 years to get wake to wake. I end up casing the wake and face planting. I then am scared off and end up working on the flat stuff. I am really good on riding switch,surface 360's pretty ok ollie. What rope length do you all ride and what spd. Any words of wisdome??

criswb 07-01-2007 9:05 PM

w2w took me a lot of time (and patience) to figure it out as well. I normally ride at around 65 ft and 19.3 mph, but when Im trying new stuff I go way shorter (for w2w stuff) and slower. <BR> <BR>I suggest you do the following: <BR> <BR>Go very long at first. Go 75-80 ft and you can go at 18 mph or what you feel very comfortable (as in not scary) in. Try doing some nice one wake jumps without cutting out so far before edging in. Try to get good at edging. Remember its not about speed, so take it slow. Keep your handle close to your body, about waist high. your body should be tall, not bent and your butt shouldnt be out. Your shoulders should be behind your knees. Start your progressive edge by turning the board towards the wake. Remember its not about squatting down, you have to get some board angle. Once you get the hang and are landing in the middle or more of the wakes, go very short. Try 50-55 ft. You can go really slow and I promise you will clear the wake. I know its going to look ridiculous to try to go w2w at that length, but trust me, it helps. <BR> <BR>You dont have to cut out so far, you wont need to go so fast to clear the wake. This will get you set up for the feeling of landing on the "other side" and it boosts up your confidence so much. I got whiplash once from trying ts w2w and I didnt want to try it again. Dean Lavelle taught me with this technique and it really helped. Mostly in building confidence in myself that I could do it. <BR> <BR>Once you've done the short rope, you can gradually start adding some more length and speed. Do it as you feel comfortable. People have this idea that the longer your rope and the faster you go, the better rider you are. But it is not about that, do what feels good, because if you feel good youll be progressing. It is no use to ride at 75 ft going 21.5 mph if you're too afraid to try new things and progress. And if you feel the need to go back to shorter and slower, do it! <BR> <BR>I may have missed some things here, but if you have any questions you can ask me. I hope this helps!

jenw2w 07-01-2007 9:23 PM

Thanks I will try you suggestions on Monday! Wish me luck!

wakechic06 07-02-2007 12:33 PM

For me just going wake to wake just meant I had to actually try to go wake to wake. I dont think i was really tryin that hard cause i was probably scared. now that I can do it, it's nothing. Once you do it for the first time and realize how soft landing down on the wake is, you'll never 1 wake it again! <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>Jamie

lexirunner 07-02-2007 6:43 PM

I literally started going wake to wake consistently TODAY! What really helped me was to slow down to about 19 mph and i was riding with no ballast in at 60-65 feet on the rope. Keep the handle in close the whole time, and just practice taking short cuts at the wake and "standing up" just at the base of the wake. Once I got the timing of that down, I took a bigger cut at it and cleared every time!

criswb 07-02-2007 10:14 PM

Congrats Lexi! <BR>Jenny, how did it go for you?

jenw2w 07-03-2007 6:06 PM

I got most of the way across almost every time. Front foot over the lip of the 2nd wake. The water was pretty rough. I'll try to get it tomorrow without the ballast filled. I am so close!

criswb 07-06-2007 5:15 PM

thats great!! keep trying! youll get it soon

wakeboardnchica 07-09-2007 12:40 PM

yea it took me like 2 yrs to get w2w too. <BR>you gotta go for it everytime or else you'll case it. I would edge out as far as i could when i was first learning so i was sure to clear it. <BR> <BR>keep at it <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>once you get it down you'll clear everytime

tobs2 07-09-2007 2:26 PM

Well I have worked with many begginers on this and have found that it is alot like everyone here is saying.....you want to first get real good at popping of and or good ollie of one wake jumps....staying on edge all the way up the wake ....standing tall up the wake to harness the pop and keep the handle down.....then once you have got that down start out with a shorter length rope.....but not too short to where the wake is white washed or not good for pop....it depends alot on your boats wake and weight you have.....maybe like 65ft or so......start be seeing if you can come close to clearing wake to wake by only cutting 5 or 6 ft. outside the wake then turning back in to hit your jump......then if your technique is good you are edging right and poping right you can see where you are landing and see if you need to edge harder and or speed up the boat a bit to clear both wakes.....usually it is combo of both needed.....make sure you are not flattening out right at the wake and gliding across ...this will give you less tension on the rope and less pop and distance.......I hope this will help......hopefully you are getting some good water to ride on as well that helps too.... T.

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