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zigzagsd 03-14-2004 4:35 PM

i have a song-length video that i produced using VW5. i can't compress it enough to fit on wakepics though. i've gotten it down to 25MB by playing with the audio and size of the window, but can't get it any smaller than that. <BR> <BR>any suggestions? i know it's a basic vid editing program, but it should be able to compress a finished file, right? there's nothing useful in the manual or the help features that i can find.

jonb 03-14-2004 6:34 PM

you you go to export it see if in the submenu thing there is a thing the says save for web. I dont no if it has it but adobe does. If it doesnt work download divx decoder(ithing that is it)and that works. How do you like that program at school i can use vw4 but cant figure it out too good,i like how adobe premier is set up better.

zigzagsd 03-14-2004 9:17 PM

i like the program fine. it suits my needs, which are very basic. it was only $100 and that was over a year ago. i can't justify the price of some other programs if i'm going to produce 1 video every few months. thanks for the tips - i'll look into that.

sdboardr99 03-14-2004 11:08 PM

Did you save the video for the internet? From what I can tell that's how you export video using that program...

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