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BTUFF 06-18-2020 3:57 AM

Getting a bargain boat isn't always the best value
I have a 2008 VLX. I've upgraded it quite a bit. I got the boat for a steal but was it really that great of a deal compared to getting a more expensive boat. Check it out.


infinitysurf 06-21-2020 5:37 AM

Good video! I think a lot of people, especially first time boat owners have no clue what it costs just to maintain a boat properly, not too mention the costs of upgrades like you you done. Being able to DIY certainly cuts down on a lot of maintenance costs but most people either dont have the time or the ability to do that. I make the time since I also enjoy doing stuff like that and its non-stressful for me, its how I disconnect from work stress.
I know where you are coming from on a lot of this, my 2014 looks about brand new too due to my OCD nature. I even built a custom built-in step in the center of my back seat so you do not have to step on the vinyl when going to the back walk-thru (I know I keep a detailed log of all maintenance done as well as all upgrades I do. Hopefully when the time comes to sell that will net me a higher sales price.... tho I plan to keep my boat for another 3-5yrs.
I have a lot of friends that have wakeboats, some older and some buy brand new every year. I constantly see things on almost new boats that shock me.

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