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jonblarc7 09-03-2019 12:53 AM

W2w hs bs 180
Does anybody have any tips for spotting the landing on HS BS 180. I've been working on one wake BS 180's. I can do them inside out when the boat first pulls me up and I can do them in the flats out beside the boat.

The problem is when I start taking them bigger to a one wake jump. Is I can't time the landing or really see when to extend my legs to absorb the impact. I can slow the spin down and make a late handle pass no problem. I just seem to be caught off guard by the impact and kinda of collapse on my front foot.

ATB0713 09-03-2019 7:48 AM

ya man just wait until you pop off the wake, pull your kneeds up, turn your head, and pull the rope to the small of your back.

Don't try to turn until you've left the wake.

You got this!!

ATB0713 09-03-2019 7:52 AM

if you have a skate deck, a pole of sorts (basketball hoop/pole) you can practice there. strap the skate deck to your feet, draw some lines on the ground for a reference point to "spot the landing". jump, turn, and land just as you would behind the boat. I used to do that and it helped a ton.

theloungelife 09-03-2019 8:40 AM

One key part is when you land you want to be looking back, the oppostie direction of the boat. Also, don't go early. The whole spin should be in the last 1/2 or 1/4 of your air. I found me learning to ride cuffed helped a lot.

jonblarc7 09-04-2019 2:08 AM

I think I'm going to early and that's why I'm landing heavy on my right leg. Which is now the front leg. I feel like it would be fairly easy to pull it to 3 but I just want to get down the the BS 1 first.

Summer is coming to an end so I got to get on it.

ATB0713 09-04-2019 2:21 AM

let us know if you stomp it before summers end!!

theloungelife 09-04-2019 3:16 AM

Might be worth going for the 3 if that is what feels right. I have a rider in our crew who does the bs3 but can't do the bs1.

stevo8290 09-04-2019 4:05 PM

Do you wait to spin until the last second? Thatís the trick. Having them consistent inside out on the start up wake is very helpful too.

jonblarc7 09-05-2019 1:00 AM

Can't say I wait. I just try to throw it very slowly.

When I'm doing them inside out. It's such a smaller jump I don't feel the need to have to wait.

stevo8290 09-06-2019 3:53 AM


Originally Posted by jonblarc7 (Post 1991423)
Can't say I wait. I just try to throw it very slowly.

When I'm doing them inside out. It's such a smaller jump I don't feel the need to have to wait.

Okay you can do them inside out, that good. To do them wake to wake try this next time

- Make the run up nice and smooth, intend to take this trick wake to wake.

-don't spin right when you leave the wake, just pop, hold it just like its a straight air wake to wake wake to wake. start looking at the landing wake. in other words, spot your landing before you even pull the blind 1

-pull the blind one at the end. Biggest problem people have with this trick is actually over rotating. I don't want you spinning at all until you are at least half way across your wake jump. blind 3's you pull earlier, blind ones you pull late.

-when you first start doing these it works best when you land on the down wake. as you get better you can land in the trough, come up short, or take it far and still probably pull it. but for now, really keep this thing wake to wake.

-if you can run your rope any shorter, or even a smaller wake all together it will be easier to land. I don't know what you are riding behind but this trick is easiest to learn smaller. In fact, blind one, switch blind one, toe 3, switch toe 3, and a lot of these finicky tricks are easiest to learn small. I do this trick switch and regular and its one of my favorites. Next time you try take some video and post it.

e_rock32 09-06-2019 4:54 AM

I learned them by doing a stalefish with a frontside shifty. It looks cool and it really helps you land blind. The stalefish helps you land properly and the shifty helps you get slack in the line by the amount you have to pull for the late backside 180. Once you get that feeling down, you can do the backside 180 earlier and change up the grabs.

jonblarc7 09-06-2019 7:06 AM


Right now I'm trying them behind my 24v supra with around 3,800 pounds of ballast at 65 ft. and 22.8 mph.

I'll try them at 60 ft. and lose alittle speed and weight.

I normally ride behind my buddies G23 with just a few hundred pounds over stock. (he has 3000 over stock with the 550 engine but that's just wasting gas for my ability)

But I find even FS HS 180's give me a problem on his wake coming down the transition switch and slipping out. I have them really consistent on my wake.

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