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lostkgb78 10-27-2005 10:00 PM

Just wanted to congratulate Phillip Soven on wining the worlds. <BR>Hes come a long way and has many good years ahead of him. <BR>

dococ 10-28-2005 4:04 AM

Anybody remember that instructional vid, "Thirty dirty tricks?" <BR> <BR> <BR>BTW, nice to see you on board, Ryan. Always appreciated your riding and style!

sacdeep 10-28-2005 8:29 AM

Yeah I got that video its pretty cool with Shannon Best, Neccrason, and Shane Bonifay when he was about 10 years old

lostkgb78 10-28-2005 8:53 AM

A lot of thirty dirty tricks was filmed behind the sovens boat back in 96 <BR>That was liquid force first year <BR>Phillip was only seven at the time and I was seventeen <BR>I wish I still had a copy laying around

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