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goride 10-20-2012 4:04 PM

2003 mastercraft x-30 gph?
After demoing a number of boats in my price range i finally decided on a 2003 mc x-30. Enough room for two families, good wake at all speeds with or with out ballast, awesome surf wake. The boat did seem like it burned gas pretty good so i wanted to see what others were getting with the 03 to 05 hull?

816 10-20-2012 5:35 PM

04 x2 gets about 8 hrs per tank

kskonn 10-22-2012 7:46 AM

I do not know the GPH but when i had my 03 X30 with the MCX engine it seemed to be really efficient. I would board for 3-4 hours, cruise the lake etc... and it would use 12-15 gallons.

boardman74 10-22-2012 8:09 AM

I really wouldn't count on getting 3-4 gallons per hour like Kevin. Maybe at cruising speed(most efficient) with no ballast and a light load. I looked at an 04 that the dealer had just demo'd and he said it burned thru alot of fuel. I think 5-7 gallons per hour(running) is going to be more realistic with ballast and riding type use.

rallyart 10-22-2012 1:45 PM

BoatTest.com tested a 2006 which used 9.6 GPH at 3000 RPM for it's best economy at 24 MPH
They don't have a test on the earlier hull.

bftskir 10-22-2012 4:15 PM

Any boat "big enough for two families" is gonna suck gas like a hoover...you're going to need two families incomes to fuel it.

kko13 10-23-2012 4:45 PM

From talking with my Master Craft customers. If you run stock ballast I would Est. the best your going to get is 7-8 GPH. If your heavy handed on the thottle like me or run over stock ballast 9+ GPH is not out of the question.IMPO These are wakeboarding and cruising from ramp to riding spot and back numbers. If you pull tubes you will use more. Not real sure on the surfing numbers..but I would expect it to be better than wakeboarding. MCs come with large gas tanks for a reason!

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