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surfdad 04-15-2010 5:51 AM

Herb Spitzer's Superchargers
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I am the proud owner of a set! :) Josh Dowling who early on help set up the Firewire production facility and then also Sunova and currently owns and operates Josh Dowling Shape, was generous enough to send me a set he had leftover.

For those that down't know, Herb has been around shape and creating some innovative concepts since the late 60's. The December '06 (I think) issue of SURFING magazine list's Herb directly after Steve Lis (who is credited for development of the fish shape) in their Surfing's Shaper Family Tree feature article. A copy of that tree can be found on Proctor's site, here.

Josh did a custom for a NorCal surfer, Mr. J :). That board used the Supercharger system. The full board can be found here.. Pictures of the fins and the board above follow. In the picture I took of the fins, that's a quarter to the left. These are tiny little things.

surfdad 04-15-2010 5:57 AM

The fins have a single FCS plug base and are set 1" outboard of the main fins. The are placed 1/2 their length ahead of the leading edge of the main fins and the cant and toe-in are to be 1/2 that of the main fins. The concept of the Superchargers, as I understand it, is that a slipstream is initiated, in which the main fin behind it creates less drag.

brewkettle 04-15-2010 11:35 AM

great , what box do they fit , i just emailed Herb today on the set he is makin for me.

brewkettle 04-15-2010 11:37 AM

oops , i wish i woulf finish reading posts, then i would know what box they fit.

brewkettle 04-15-2010 6:04 PM

Ok Herb said they are ready to ship , i will try them on the next innegra board

surfdad 04-15-2010 9:15 PM

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Keep us post brewkettle

Measure - 1/2 length up, 1" out, 1/2 cant and toe.

surfdad 04-15-2010 9:18 PM

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Hole saw to depth - normally with the FCS plugs, it goes to the deck skin. These little fins don't need much support, though.

surfdad 04-15-2010 9:20 PM

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Quick and easy install, both plugs in and the epoxy curing.

surfdad 04-15-2010 9:24 PM

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Every well outfitted shop needs a horse and a cowboy.

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