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07-06-2005 3:46 PM

Does your rope length matter?

nc05lsv 07-06-2005 7:20 PM

absolutely! The shorter the rope the easier it is to pull off some of the more basic tricks. You are able to pull the boarder at a slower speed and still have a good wake. Longer ropes at the 70 plus range allow more advanced riders to do more advanced tricks. If you want to clear the wake for the first time then a short rope is for you. A lot of ropes allow you to take off sections to drop your rope length down to your comfortable riding ability. For beginners around 50 has worked well for me. My son who is a little more experienced likes his about 75 give or take. I keep mine around 70. The best length for you really depends on the wake your boat is kicking out and how far back it washes out. Just remember that shorter rope=newer riders (usually slower speeds) longer rope = more experienced (faster speeds)These are only guidlines......hope this helps

07-07-2005 6:46 PM

ya i knew it mattered somehow but why do advanced people like longer ropes?

schmo 07-08-2005 6:57 AM

Longer ropes give you more room to work. If you like taking tricks wake to wake, the wake is wider farther back therefore giving you more time in the air = more time to pull off a more advanced trick. The same reason that people like double ups... more time in the air... can take tricks bigger. <BR> <BR>For beginners... more time in the air can equal instability or not being able to get across the wake and casing the other wake... not fun.

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