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olcayaks 09-09-2007 2:18 AM

i am very new here and i hope i posted the thread 2 the right section.. anyways <BR>my question is i am 160 lbs and i just ordered ronix frontier 132!! is that small for me?? and any thoughts about ronix frontier?? <BR>tnx in advance <BR>cheers

rhupp 09-09-2007 2:21 AM

ya its a little small for you

lfs56 09-09-2007 2:30 AM

the 132 is actually for riders up to 160, u'll be fine and i've heard good things 'bout the board!

olcayaks 09-09-2007 4:31 AM

i hope i ll be fine with 132.. cause i paid 250$ just for the delivery!

lfs56 09-09-2007 4:51 AM

y didn't u check in with that before you bought it?

olcayaks 09-09-2007 5:26 AM

there is no board shop where i live in !! cant demo it cant see it in real grrr that sucks

lfs56 09-09-2007 5:38 AM

still can research on the internet, like click on "boards" on this website and go to ronix frontier 132 and it'll show reviews and specs and everything

lfs56 09-09-2007 5:49 AM

if you havn't gotten any bindings yet u should totally get the ronix scouts...those would look sick with that board!!!

olcayaks 09-09-2007 6:57 AM

yeahh it comes with scout bindings ! hot stuff

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