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h20king 04-14-2012 8:20 PM

Fulton jack and winch upgrade (sorry lots of pics)
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I am sure someone else has already done one of these threads but thought I would share my install anyways. I have already done just about every boat mod I can think of so this year it was the trailers turn. The cheep Fulton jack and winch were just not cutting it.
Start by supporting the tongue with a jack stand.With the weight removed from the jack use a 3/4" wrench to remove the center mounting bolt.Once removed the old jack comes right off.The stud that mounted the old jack has to be cut flush with the trailer mount so an adapter plate can be installed.I used a grinder with a cutting wheel but a hack saw will work as well. I bought my adapter plate from http://www.liquidcut.com/tools.aspx great product that made the install a breeze.Once you have cut the stud everything else is a simple bolt up just make sure to use a little lock tight when mounting the jack to the adapter plate.And make sure that the new jack is adjusted on the back side to give you enough travel to hitch and un hitch your boat.
Once installed I noticed that there was some play in the jack mount which rattled so back off it came.I separated the mount from the jack used some engine bearing shim material to make a shim which eliminated a lot of the slop in the jack then re installed. Next came the new F2 winch.I removed the old winch which was a two bolt attachment. The new winch has three anchor points so a couple new holes have to be drilled.Once drilled simple bolt on the new winch wind in the new strap and your done.
I know it sounds like lots of work but the whole job took about two and a half hours and was fairly straight foreword.I am happy with how it turned out and think it updates the look of the trailer

zacharoo 04-14-2012 8:33 PM

Very nice work...looks great!

smitty1258 04-15-2012 7:41 AM

are both the winch and the jack easier to operate than the stock ones?

h20king 04-15-2012 8:05 AM

Smitty both are much easier to operate.The jack is smooth and does not flex like the cheep stock jack.The stock jack always flexed and looked like it was going to break but the F2 is solid.The winch is also a great improvement over stock.No more selector lever on the side.Now it is located on the front and easy to use.Foreword ,reverse and neutral are clearly marked.You just turn the nob to what you want and crank away.The crank handle has multiple crank lengths. Now that everything is set ill cut off the excess and powder coat the handle for a more finished look

smitty1258 04-16-2012 7:48 AM

ya i hate the stock jack. Nice work on the mods as usual.

tonyv420 04-16-2012 12:26 PM

My f2 jack was great for a couple years, now its getting hard to crank. Hey H, is there a way to regrease this thing! And I need a winch like that, where did you buy yours? My install is not nearly as clean as yours LOL! I just made a backing plate and mounted it behind the old mount. I sure like your better. How about I bring my Avy down, you hook it up and I'll pick up later.....J/K

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