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06-04-2008 9:14 AM

I want to change my switches that control the bilge pump, lights, and blower to a low profile rocker switch. Currently, I have the toggle switches that stick out about an inch. I'm always bumping bilge/blower/lights on by accident whenever getting out of the driver's seat. Also, the boat is 20 years old and the connections look kinda nasty. I'd like to put on new connections as well. <BR>I went to Radio Shack last night and picked up some rocker switches with illuminated lights. <BR>First question-should these switches be waterproof? If not, will it just cause the unit not to work if the switch gets wet or would it short out other components? <BR>I also noticed the old toggle switches does not have a light on them but there's a light above the switch on the dash indicating when the unit is on. The back of the old toggle switch as two prongs while the back of the new rocker switch has three. <BR>Now, the current wiring goes as follows-there's a wire that goes from the fuse box to one prong in the toggle switch, then there's a two wires linked together that goes from the second prong on the toggle switch (one wire goes to the wiring harness to the unit (blower) the other wire goes to the light on the dash. The indicator light on the dash also has another wire that goes to a junction of wires from all the indicator lights on the dash then one wire going to the voltmeter. <BR>Now, using the new rocker switch, I was able to take the wire from the fuse box and plugged it into the center prong, then I plugged the wire from the harness into another prong. I am able to turn the blower on but cannot get the indicator light to turn on at the same time. When I take the wires from the harness and plugged it into the other prong, the indicator light comes on but the blower does not. Now...there's that one extra wire from the old indicator light from the voltmeter...I took that and tried to plug it into the third prong on the rocker switch. I got electricuted and blew a fuse. I stopped playing around at this point. <BR>Sorry if this is long winded and confusing. I am not good at wiring. <BR>Question-can i use a three prong switch to turn the blower on and have the indicator light on at the same time? How? <BR>If not, I'll go back to a two prong switch and forget about the indicator light. If I go this route, what about the third wire from the old indicator light leading to the voltmeter. Can I just discard this? <BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>Dazed and Confused.

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