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d_anderson 08-05-2006 9:06 AM

just wondering if 6x9 produce better sound than can speakers?

extremeisaac 08-05-2006 2:11 PM

what are "can speakers" and what type of enclosure are the 6x9s going to be in?

ktmwakeboarder 08-05-2006 4:24 PM

Assuming proper amping and such, 6x9's will be louder than 5.25's (and 6.5's), so if you are looking for speakers on a tower, probably a better bet to go with 6x9's.

mikeski 08-06-2006 7:04 PM

There was a big debate about six months ago between 6 - 6.5s vs. 4 - 6x9s. I have always said that 4 - 6x9s is a pretty good tower solution but there seemed to be lots of support for the 6 - 6.5 solution. Although the four 6x9 is easier to power and wire, that alone tips the scale toward that solution. I am assuming that you meant 6.5" not 5.5", I have the 5.5" cans to be kind of a "for looks only" thing.

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