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whitechocolate 02-12-2004 1:07 PM

Im looking for a Clarion XMD-3 Deck this is te new unit with sirus raido <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/98456.jpg" alt=""> <BR>The best Price I have found is $300 to my door. <BR>The second Item Im looking for is a Clarion Marine remote M301-RC <BR>The best price I have found it $115 to my door <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>

x10wakerider 02-12-2004 1:31 PM

Hey I just bought clarion marine stuff of ebay. Check it out you may find a great deal.

g3revenge 02-13-2004 7:07 AM

skidim has some close outs.

wegotbikes 02-13-2004 4:05 PM

Blake is right, I saw them on ebay for $235 new in the box.

xtigeman 02-13-2004 4:17 PM

Why do you want this head unit?

whitechocolate 02-13-2004 4:58 PM

Doug, Its the only head unit that fits in the stock mounting location that it truly waterproof, With out having one of thoes waterproof faceplates. On my Nautique when your wet and loading wakeboards on to the racks the boards drip right on to the head unit, I always load the wet boards on to the passenger side to avoid it but some time you cant avoid it <BR>Plus I already have a Clarion remote on my transom so If i was to change the head unit the rear remote wount work

dragonlady 04-11-2013 1:54 PM

I have one!
Hi I was searching prices to put this up on craigslist. If you still need it I'll beat the prices you've listed. Its the one with Serius Radio. 561.598.0886

shawndoggy 04-11-2013 10:12 PM

lol yeah I am sure he is still looking nine years later!

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