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thornman 02-06-2003 9:54 PM

I am working with a local machinist on building some tower speaker mounts. I wanted some opinions in relation to the mounts. Also we are thinking of marketing them. They look to be higher quality and also cost effective..time will tell. <BR> <BR>1. Would you prefer to wire straight through into the tower and have no exposed wires? Why or why not? <BR> <BR>2. If you were buying tower speakers would you prefer to have stock speakers..xplod, kicker etc. already in there...or...buy the mounts and units without speakers so you can get your own...ebay.. use some you already have..whatever. <BR> <BR>3. Would you prefer 61/2's mounted in an 8in tube or 6x9's in an elliptical tube? <BR> <BR>4. Is there much need to ever remove the speaker while leaving a mount and wire harness? <BR> <BR>5. Would you ever want the ability to swivel them in a direction other than straight forward or straight back. <BR> <BR>Thanks for the input. We have a prototype in the works and the collar that mounts around the tower is sweet looking. I will start posting pics as the project develops. I think these would appeal to a lot of boat owners. My .02. WIth your help I think we can make them economical, functional, and versatile. Oh well I don't want to sell something I don't even have yet!! <BR> <BR>Thanks for your input

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