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jgrunow 11-05-2006 6:20 PM

Does anyone know where I can find a Drysuit top. I have one, but looking for another and can't find anyone that still makes them.

jsimpson7 11-05-2006 6:26 PM

i got a nice Quiksilver one from Ambush Board Company or Buywake.

big_xstar 11-05-2006 6:30 PM

here ya go <BR><a href="http://www.sierratradingpost.com/d/330_Mens-Drytops-and-Drysuits.html?GCID=S15899x003&amp;KEYWORD=dry%20to p&amp;cm_mmc=PaidPlacement-_-Google-_-WGOG6-_-dry_top" target="_blank">http://www.sierratradingpost.com/d/330_Mens-Drytops-and-Drysuits.html?GCID=S15899x003&amp;KEYWORD=dry%20to p&amp;cm_mmc=PaidPlacement-_-Google-_-WGOG6-_-dry_top</a>

dakid 11-05-2006 6:31 PM

ooh! good find kevin! i gotta get one of those!

rothy 11-06-2006 9:29 AM

I was pretty stoked on it to till I saw that one said semi-dry top and that it is made for Kayaks. <BR> <BR>Jeff, Do you use the one you have for wakeboarding and how does it worked submerged? <BR> <BR>Anyone else use them? <BR> <BR>For sure a nice find though Kevin

byrd 11-06-2006 11:25 AM

"Keep you dry in all but the most drenching conditions" I wonder if wakeboarding would qualify? I would like to see if it works as well.

san210nut 11-06-2006 11:29 AM

A paddling jacket or top will not keep you "dry" if you are submerged for very long, at least the ones I have used won't. It will also not take the impacts of a good wakeboarding crash without letting a lot of water in.

skier12 11-06-2006 11:41 AM

I occasionally white water kayak and have used several different dry tops. The semi-dry tops are not very good and if submerged for long at all it would quickly take on water. The dry tops might work acctually. When I kayak I always have the neoprene skirt on so I guess as long as you have some sort of wet suit on u'll be fine. The problem is that you'll have rubber gaskets around your neck and wrists but only neoprene around your waist. If you think about it when you flip over in a kayak your upside down and the waist section is up near the surface. For wakeboarding you won't be floating upside down. Well atleast I hope your not. <BR> <BR>So it'll probably work okay but I wouldn't expect to stay totally dry.

jgrunow 11-06-2006 6:09 PM

That is similar to the one that I have...but I like the looks of the one that I have better. I do wakeboard in mine and it works great for the "cold" winters we have in Florida. It does let water in but not in excess. The key is when you get up you don't have the cold air hitting your skin and when you in the water the water doen't rush in and out. It's the mobility of not being restricted by a full suit that I like....I hate wet suits. <BR> <BR>Miami Ski Nautiques have a few left (there not listed on there web site, you have to call them)but the company that they get them from is know longer making them and they don't have any smalls which is what I am looking for. The one at Miami Ski Nautiques has Neoprene at the waist. The dry top from the link above talks about a draw string around the waist....not sure how this will work. <BR> <BR>Has anyone tried the one from the link above?

big_xstar 11-06-2006 7:18 PM

I guess that wasnt a good find. I didnt really read about the product. <BR>OOOPS.. <BR>sorry

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