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Kwclark 11-25-2021 5:38 PM

Wanting to upgrade from my 205v
Owned an 05 x2 (205v) now for many years and Im now ready to upgrade to something with some more space. Budget is 60K. I wakeboard 90% and the rest is either surfing or pulling the kids around in a tube. I just have 2 major deal breaking requirements. With that being said 1st requirement is I need a boat that throws as solid of a wake as a 205v. I need something that is going to boost me. 2nd requirement is I need a boat that has more room inside the rear hatches than my 205v so I can work on the engine. Im 50 now and getting tired of the yoga positions i have to get into working in the tiny hatches of my 205v. I do all my own work on my boat and own a huge aluminum gantry lift and specialty tools for working on inboards. In all my years of wakeboat ownership I have never had to rely on a repair shop for fixing my rig so I also need to stay away from boats with heavy electronics(touchscreens) to keep on doing this. TIA fellas.

CRS_mi 12-09-2021 11:27 AM

205v owner as well (08 X1) and with what you're saying if you want to stick with MC I'd say X25 but not 2012.

denverd1 12-14-2021 5:47 PM

Haven't been in a newer MC lately, but I don't think yoga to do maintenance goes away..

enjoy the new ride

juniorhawk 12-16-2021 8:48 AM

Not to be a dingus but.... the DD205 and V205 hulls are literally some of the best hulls for our sport (wakeboarding, actual wakeboarding) that Master Craft has ever made. For this historian, these are some of the best boats of all time. And I say that as a Correct Craft guy, a mainstay! These are some of the best hulls ever created, and you have one. Even to this day I stand by it and what I said about it in my chart (that chart sooooooooooooo outlived what I thought it would do). I'll post it.

I've seen your v205 friend, black and red, silver tower. Wicked nice. It's COOL as hell!

Now, your frame of thought is saying, somehow, SIXTY GRAND. Can we, your friends, help?
SIXTY thousand donuts. SIXTY THOUSAND cheeseburgers from the dollar menu. Man....
What do you think you're going to gain over what you have, which is an already epic and historic boat?


tweeder 12-18-2021 3:50 PM

I would go for the newest axis if you want something that is not inundated with touch screens and unnecessary electronics. Super simple to work on boats.

- 2nd gen A20 got a hull update. Surfs super impressive for a 20 footer and still has that classic wide a20 wake
- A22 if you want more size. Throws a killer wake


But I would think anything in the next generation of wake boats will throw out a great wake.

2nd Gen Star
Nautique 230
2nd Gen Malibu VLX

chattwake 03-15-2022 4:33 AM

Hey man! My first Vdrive was an 01 XStar, so I know that hull well. I've owned a bunch of different boats over the years, as have my friends. I have a ton of time between the mid- 2010's SANTE 230's (I owned 3), '10/'12 Axis A22's (I owned 2), '13 Wakewetter 23 LSV (owned 1), '14 Axis A24's (owned 1), '15 Wakesetter 22 VLX (owned 1), '18/'19/'20 Wakesetter 23 LSV (owned 3) and a '21 Wakesetter 25 LSV. My friends own/have owned multiple G23's, newer era Axis T22/T23/A22/A24's.

Here's my advice: Decide what your priorities are in terms of fit and finish and creature comforts vs. performance vs. cost. You are coming from an older MC, which is a great boat, with excellent fit and finish for its time. The technology of your boat is going to be somewhat outdated, but it's all reliable and easy to use. Your boat is going to feel tiny compared to anything from the 2013 forward generation of inboards, which all began transitioning to surf boats, as that is when all of the surf technology hit.

Personally, if I were you, I'd try to get into something 2013 forward with a surf system, as that will definitely help resale over time. Also, to the extent you surf, it really just makes it way easier to enjoy your boat. In your price range, can honestly say I love the wake behind the A22 and A24 series. It's always been stellar. Those boats will have very basic controls, which are comparable to what you have now, but a 2014-2017 A22/A24 with a surf system should fit your budget.

If you can find a smoking deal on a 2013/14 21 VLX or 23 LSV or a SANTE 210 with NSS, I think you'd also be happy with the fit and finish, as well as the wake/wave. Those boats are just diamonds in the rough right now, unfortunately.

I found the wake behind the 230 series to be somewhat inconsistent and temperamental when weighted heavy. The G23 series obviously throws a monster wake - way more than I could ever handle - but they prices are still super high.

Just my .02 man! Best of luck hunting.

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