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wildmight 10-04-2018 7:20 AM

Lost my 3d Slingshot boot Binding Clamp
Good morning All,
I'm at a loss - I got my 2018 KTV boots a few months ago and mounted them on LiquidForce Tex 142 board using small washers. I lost my 1st one doing transfer from kicker to pipe, lost 2nd one in similar cirmustances. however, the 3d one, just seems like it fell off in the water. My 4th one - I'm not sure if I should super-glue - or just get a different board. Everytime, I'd tighten them before riding and it felt solid. Would appreciate any advice?
Thank you

10-04-2018 7:29 AM

Iíve never lost one, but I would Loctite them if they keep loosening up. Iím sure someone had tried before this. Maybe they can weigh in on effectiveness.

simplej 10-04-2018 7:40 AM

My 2017 KTVs haven’t been tightened to my humanoid since I got my stance dialed about 80 sets ago...

I just threw a screw driver on them and they were still super tight.... I think 1 turned a quarter turn

Why do you need the washers? That’s weird you shouldn’t need them

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