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roughrivermike 09-23-2011 3:34 PM

video bummer
here is a video that I just made of my daughter Delanie wakeboarding. The sad thing is that a whole summer of video and most of it was useless because I did not initialize the SD cards:eek: . So this is all i could pull together. Let me know where I screwed up. The video from the boat was not my boat, but it was a friends Axis. The wake is good on it, but they are horrible to film from. between the rooster tail and the spray off the sides it is very distracting.

ian_ashton 09-26-2011 5:28 PM

Cool video; she is a great rider too!

What do you mean you didn't "initialize" the SD cards? Every SD card I have bought was ready to go out of the package...

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