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helix_rider 03-13-2008 3:15 PM

It is sad I know, but I'm 34 years old and have never been out of the States (well, I guess you could count Canada and the Bahamas and Grand Cayman, but it really didn't feel like out of the States). This summer I am making my inaugural trip across the pond and will be visiting Turkey (and Greece). I want a photographic record of my visit and I'm afraid that the 70-200 lens I currently favor will not be satisfactory for most photo opportunities. I'm trying to keep costs down, so I was looking at the 17-85 lens as a good walk-around lens. Seeing as how you can get it for ~$450, can anyone tell me their good/bad experiences with this lens (or alternatives that you'd recommend)? Thanks.

Walt 03-13-2008 3:34 PM

I've never used that lens. I'd probably look for a used 17-40L. You might be able to find one for around 500. You might want to pick up a 50 mm prime too. You can get one for under 100.00 new.

Walt 03-13-2008 3:39 PM

This lens is very sharp and great in low light. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/12142-USA/Canon_2514A002_Normal_EF_50mm_f_1_8.html" target="_blank">http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/12142-USA/Canon_2514A002_Normal_EF_50mm_f_1_8.html</a>

richd 03-13-2008 7:00 PM

I really liked the 17-85 on the 20d when I had that combo, decent IQ for sure. I don't remember needing the IS much but it can be handy for lowlight places that don't allow flash. <BR> <BR>Another "do it all" travel lens worth checking into is the new Tamron 28-300 (250?) with IS. You give up some IQ but 1 lens will cover most of your needs.

kirk 03-14-2008 8:44 AM

I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I am in the same boat. I have a 20d and have been saving for some nicer glass. Any recommendations for all purpose glass in the $550 range? I am looking at a used 70-200 f/4 in that range. <BR> Suggestions? <BR> I do a lot of outdoor shooting in mostly higher light conditions. <BR>Thanks.

helix_rider 03-14-2008 1:54 PM

Walt, thanks for the recommendation. I picked up the 50 mm last year because of all the great pics I saw posted on this site. Definitely a great, inexpensive lens, but I don't think it will be 'wide' enough for my needs this summer. I had been looking for a 17-40, but I'm so wary of buying used and it's too pricey new. Do you guys used FredMiranda or eBay or what for your used lens purchases? Or better yet, do you have a used 17-40 that you want to sell <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> <BR> <BR>Kirk, I have the 70-200 f/4, but I got mine 'new' for around $550 at B&amp;H. Sure, it doesn't have IS, but I absolutely love that lens...has produced some great wake shots for me.

coldlake 03-15-2008 1:21 PM

Another thumbs up on the 70-200 F4L, awesome lens. Paid the same as Loren at B&amp;H.

brado16 03-18-2008 5:29 AM

I just sold my 17-85 to my buddy and replaced it with the 17-40. the 17-85 worked well for a walk around, was much lighter than the 17-40 and the IS was handy in low light situation. The only downfall i had with my particular 17-85 was slight vignetting in the corners. I also would say the 70-200 f4l is a great lens! Hope this helps

kirk 03-18-2008 6:49 AM

Looks like it's going to be the 70-200. Looks like B&amp;H is the way to go. Might get a 50mm also. That seems like a bargain at $89... <BR> <BR>Thanks

helix_rider 03-18-2008 9:20 AM

Brady...are you glad you upgraded to the 17-40...or have you not had it long enough to know?

hot_karl 03-18-2008 9:57 AM

I had a 17-85, and also sold it to pick up a 17-40. <BR> <BR>I hate variable aperture lenses, at 85mm it can only go to 5.6 if I remember correctly. I found that to be annoying. Other then that my 17-40 is much much sharper than the 17-85 ever was. I also shoot with a non EF-S mount body sometimes. <BR> <BR>I think buying used is the way to go, I bought my 17-40 off of Fred Miranda. It's great you can ask the sellers to send you shots wide open to see how sharp the lens is.

brado16 03-19-2008 10:05 AM

Loren, I really have not used the 17-40 much but the little bit i have, the IQ seems to be noticably sharper. Also as Kenny mentions the lens at 85mm only goes down to 5.6 which can be a pain when shooting in low light. I am going to Florida this weekend and if the weather permits (looks like thunderstorms the entire weekend) i will try and get a better feeling for the 17-40 and i will let you know.

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