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cinestiles 07-22-2014 5:00 PM

Boat/Cable board
Hi guys!

I'm sure this topic has been beat to death but here it goes!

My boat board is currently a Byerly Monarch, and I'm looking for a new cable/boat board that will have a looser ride and explosive pop like my Monarch, but that can hold up to the abuse of the park. I'm not much of a presser so I don't need a flex board. Anyone have experience on the Liquid Force witness or Shane grind boards, or the Ronix Bill/William boards?


razorjaw 07-22-2014 6:39 PM

Good question Chris, and there's going to be many answers for sure. IMO boards ride differently at the park than they do behind the boat as you tend to ride slower (at the park), which means that really poppy board behind the boat may feel like a slug on cable. Most riders try to have a separate board for each (I pick up old boards in sales with grind bases) where possible - it can be a little expensive, but if you break a board you'll still be able to do the other :) I've outlayed 250 bucks for my current setup of 2 boards - both blems, which is cheaper than many new individual boards.
HOWEVER of course the best way is to try them out!
If you want to go the individual board option, I've used the LF shane, witness and Rogue series and found them pretty good at both. Also the ronix one with the grind base.Hope you find a good solution.

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