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wakeworld 09-24-2006 6:04 PM

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bill 09-24-2006 6:20 PM

wow <BR> <BR> ill probrably get reamed/flamed for this but congrats to Andrew he derserved the win i was there to see it all in person and totally agree he was #1 by a slim margin .. <BR> <BR>however i feel for Tino ,he threw down a run that could have placed first had it not been for a TS lopsided run but other then that he rode better then Danny by a long way in the finals..He should have clearly took second with Rusty a close third could have gone either way but Tino should have placed IMO.. <BR> <BR>I love Danny hes my favorite rider but he should have been fourth and Shaun well he should have finished where he did .. <BR> <BR>anyway thats how i saw it and a lot of spectators would agree as we talked about it on the shoreline.. <BR> <BR>It was cool to witness this event in person and The semis actually had better riding then the finals despite the hard winds and choppy water.. <BR> <BR>anyway im done..

h2oprodad 09-24-2006 6:40 PM

Bill, <BR> I wasn't there but Mrs.S was right on shore calling every trick that each rider did in the finals and clearly it sounded just as you called it!!! <BR>Most of the Parents on shore said it was Andrew by a slim margin to Tino's run with rusty-danny and shaun.. <BR>Hmmmmmm/////////////////////////// <BR>"IT IS WHAT IT IS" <BR>Lloyd.were you there with shaun today??? Mr.S

bill 09-24-2006 6:52 PM

yes Lloyd was there i saw him as well...

lmtwa 09-25-2006 4:48 PM

Hey Sandy. (and Bill) .... (and I saw Sue on the phone...) Yes, I definately was there.. We were very happy for Shaun (in spite of 3 falls in the finals). HOWEVER _ I too was VERY SURPRISED at some of the placements in Pro Men (other than Shaun (5th)). I thought Tino's ride was definately up there and he threw some very clean tricks. Discussion after indicated that his slider performance was what might have hurt him, but still......(4th??) That's why I'd never be a judge..... they have a tough job. Conditions were REALLY BAD in any case. Potentially a great spot - normally sheltered, but that old north wind blew straight down the course for 2 days. Women were unexpectedly shifted to the a.m. and only had a finals..... (at 8.a.m.)

electricsnow 09-25-2006 5:06 PM

can anyone say what aaron reed threw down? This is pretty much his first major contest win, and he'd started when the tour first took on wakeskating in 03.

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