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Zesty 08-12-2012 1:32 PM

Who can guess which trick I was attempting?
Lake Shasta 2012. Not what I was hoping for.

holdsworth 08-12-2012 2:16 PM

Scarecrow gone wrong?

irishrider92 08-12-2012 2:48 PM

Toe 3?

cwb4me 08-12-2012 2:58 PM

Olay 540?

wakeboardern1 08-12-2012 3:30 PM

I'd guess ole 3.

Zesty 08-12-2012 3:35 PM

Adam got it. Crow gone way wrong.

Ttime41 08-12-2012 3:36 PM

Big worm?

captain_vilfo 08-12-2012 5:27 PM

looks like you forgot to trip lol

holdsworth 08-12-2012 6:17 PM

I could tell by the handle position about halfway through that you were wanting it to go over your head like a crow. You let the board get ahead of you off the wake. Stand tall off the top of the wake, drop your rear shoulder, and open your chest to the boat all at once. Trick comes around pretty well on its own, just watch some videos of scarecrows and you'll better understand the body position I'm talking about. Good luck!

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