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22vdrive 04-06-2010 8:55 PM

Spedometer troubles on 04 22ssv
I'm having problems with my spedometers on my boat. The speed they are showing is way off. Does anyone know how I could calibrate them to be more true?

supraride 04-06-2010 10:42 PM

There should be a little dial under the dash on the left side that you can calibrate it with. Its small so you may need to get under there to see it. Good luck

22vdrive 04-06-2010 11:23 PM

Thanks for the tip!

acurtis_ttu 04-07-2010 7:12 AM

Tony is correct. You will somtimes unknowingly bump this dial. IT knock the speedo off.

sp0tts 04-07-2010 8:59 AM

If I remember correctly the little dial on the 04's is actually on the right, but basically, with a GPS and that dial you can calibrate. If it's way off, it may be time for a new paddle wheel.

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