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wakemikey 05-20-2009 3:43 PM

My blowers are somewhat noisy, and one emits a high pitched whining noise. Double entendres aside, are there any solutions to improve these blowers? WD40 or some time or lubricant? <BR> <BR>I have the traditional cylindrical blowers. I have also seen squirrel-cage type blowers. I heard someone say Rule blowers were very quiet. I am not finding a round style Rule. Any good deals to be had on new blowers? <BR> <BR>Also need a couple round 3" vents if anyone has a good link... Thanks!

mikeski 05-20-2009 7:45 PM

Run them for a few minutes then turn them off... USCG requires boats to flow air while underway so you should not need them once you come off idle. <BR> <BR>If you are using them to cool amplifiers you can get axial fans that run silent.

ncsumalibu 05-21-2009 6:43 AM

WD-40 works for me!

wakemikey 05-21-2009 6:54 AM

Sorry my 3rd sentence above should read "WD40 or some kind of lubricant." <BR> <BR>Hoping to drop her in tonight! 87 Supra SunSport

mammoth 05-21-2009 8:24 AM

My blower was making the same type of noise, Liquid Wrench with Teflon cured the problem. <BR> <BR>The blower is a sealed unit so it might be hit-miss getting it to the right spot to kill the noise. It's easiest if you pull the blower so you can guide the spray straw as close to the blower shaft as possible. It may not go away immediately but after a few rides the lube will work it's way to the right spot.

stewart 05-21-2009 10:33 AM

My blower gargled with Listerene and then she worked great.

wake1823 05-26-2009 7:40 AM

Corrosion X HD. works great as a lubricant/protectant.

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