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uppledup17 10-11-2005 3:41 PM

Paul mentioned this in the "blind 3" thread so here it is? Who is the next guy you think will land the 1080. Paul says Ruck is a sleeper. Soven came close. So is Parks gonna hit again before the others. I am going on a limb with a sleeper of my own and say Watson.

jarrod 10-11-2005 3:53 PM

Doesn't Danny have a variety of 9s? HS, TS, and Switch HS. <BR> <BR>Seems to me that he is undeniably the most qualified. The only question is... which way will he throw it? <BR> <BR>

uppledup17 10-11-2005 3:57 PM

No doubt most qualified but I think it will be a surprise. Someone like Murray will come out of the woodwork or something.

madchild1 10-11-2005 4:23 PM

soven will. he's already proven he can rotate and land right-side up. <BR> <BR>i also tend to agree with previous posters in saying someone will come out of nowhere and complete it.

mjmurphy53711 10-11-2005 4:43 PM

harf or ruck, but i dont think ruck wants it that bad. Soven is young and might want it the most, and yea...some up and commer might just throw that shia and break out of nowhere. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

byerly137pro 10-11-2005 4:49 PM

That's what I want to see, someone no-name guy just come out with a video clip of him stomping one. What a way to become known for wakeboarding, landing the elusive 1080.

wakeriderixi 10-11-2005 4:55 PM

Philip because he's trying... and could. <BR>Ruck is a sleeper. <BR>Ross Gardner could possibly. <BR>Sean O'Brien could possibly. <BR>Harf if he tries. <BR> <BR>...alot of folks!

wakeriderixi 10-11-2005 4:57 PM

... anyone see the video of Parks doing double up 1 wake 900's. Didn't see him land it but its for sure possible for him! It was cool to watch.

jhilltn 10-11-2005 10:00 PM

i'm not sure why so many of you guys think ruck is gonna do it. <BR> <BR>paul is talking about a re-entry d-up. it's cool to see. <BR> <BR>Phil, Harf, SOB, Matt Simms, maybe shane. i think it will be one of these guys. i've seen or seen video of all these guys come close except Sean Obrien, but i think he's got the skill.

wakeriderixi 10-11-2005 10:37 PM

Seans got the skill... Ross Gardner does too, I know these two from personally watching. <BR> <BR> <BR>We didn't say we think Ruck is going to be the one to do it... Just that hes a sleeper on the trick. He's the kind of rider you'd least expect to even see an attempt from BUT if we did see an attempt.... I feel he might actually be able to ride it out! The man can spin... and does it with mad style! (not to say others don't have style, so don't start that debate)

driving 10-12-2005 6:09 AM

My money is on Mikey Marsh. The kid does heel 9's off the wake, so there's gotta be one on the way.

shavis 10-12-2005 7:36 AM

you cant count shane out he could be the sleeper....i wouldnt doubt that murray could do it already he has a pretty clean spin....

blake_hughes 10-12-2005 7:38 AM

Do you think Murray is willing to risk it? I wouldn't think he'd put that kind of stress, or chance, on his knee? <BR> <BR>-Blake

mjmurphy53711 10-12-2005 8:24 AM

blake, i really think this is one for the young guns of the game. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

uppledup17 10-12-2005 9:03 AM

I don't think Murray wil attempt it either. Just throwing a name out there that would be a surpise. I am sticking with Watson. Any vid's on Mikey Marsh.

penny4urthots 10-12-2005 10:09 AM

Didn't you know that you know that Randall already owns that shizzle??? I heard due to the high level of "gymnast flair" he was over it. LOL

mjmurphy53711 10-12-2005 10:28 AM

jrod, i think he will go sw hs....my prediction. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

malibuboarder75 10-12-2005 1:17 PM

Shane, Harf, Obrien, and Soven are my predictions.

cubanismo 10-12-2005 1:22 PM

Michelle Kwan! Have you seen that triple axle of hers? She's nasty! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

iamnathanhudson 10-13-2005 8:08 AM

(SARCASM) <BR>sthuper....i was getting ready to say Michelle Kwan as well......FIGURE SKATING RULES! <BR>(/SARCASM)

snead 10-13-2005 11:30 AM

Mike Marsh is GOOD. I watched go ts7, hs7, ts 9 all w2w back to back. He laned 20 feet out in the flats, Lyman style....it was rediculous. Watch out for him.

malibuboarder75 10-14-2005 8:58 AM

Ok, I want to see a ts 7, hs 7, and ts 9 back to back 20 feet in the flats. Show some footage. The only person I have seen do a hs 7 wake to wake 20 feet in the flats is Randy Harris.

buffalow 10-14-2005 9:21 AM

JD Webb and Aaron Rathy said or sure it will be Soven or Harf and soon!

bflat53212 10-14-2005 9:46 AM

I got to say Soven all the way. If you have seen footage of Parks D-Up contest you know Soven is there. <BR>Watson won't because he is just coming off knee surgery. Parks won't because he is still hurt and hardly doubt he will even really give these a try anytime soon. <BR> <BR>I have to agree with Buffalow, it will be soon, very soon. I really thought Soven should have tried at the X-Games, the big stage everyone would have loved the attempt.

andy_nintzel 10-14-2005 9:51 AM

My votes for tino!

deepstructure 10-14-2005 11:12 AM

so what happens when someone does land one? does it become (if they can be consistent), their double-half-cab that they throw every double-up final? or does it become like parks' 10, a once-in-a-lifetime achievement? <BR> <BR>does anyone know if parks ever tried any more 10s after that, at least until recently? how come after he landed it everyone else didn't feel they had to now try? <BR> <BR>come to think of it - why isn't that also true of the double-half-cab? only a few folks are doing double inverts of any kind. is it just that difficult? <BR> <BR>are there any parallels in the skate/snow arena for comparison?

uppledup17 10-14-2005 11:26 AM

I still think Watson will go for it when he is fully healed if no one has hit it yet. How is his progress? And chris has a question about double inverts. Are there other pros throwing Shapiros Speedball?

wakeriderixi 10-14-2005 11:30 AM

.... I hope not! I hate that trick.

uppledup17 10-14-2005 11:46 AM


wsrmatt 10-14-2005 11:48 AM

imagine someone with a sick style doing double flips. double indy front by watson would look dope

deepstructure 10-14-2005 11:55 AM

good luck trying to grab indy on a double front! i could see a indy temper tantrum before that. or a indy ts double front. which video is it that shows dallas (or some female rider), doing double ts front attempts? i always thought it was in the credits or crash section of the faction?

kystyle 10-14-2005 11:58 AM

Speedball is a little too gymnastic to me. Props for the technical ability.

hymaeringo 10-14-2005 12:32 PM

Thank you Andy our MN minds thinkin alike! I as well vote for Tino!

andy_nintzel 10-14-2005 1:42 PM

i do what I can.

mjmurphy53711 10-14-2005 4:48 PM

in reference to the snow question comparison..... <BR> <BR>every single big air contest in skiing is now a switch 1080 contest period. Its all we ever see, even thow guys are throwing switch 1260's and regular 1440's....everyone sticks to switch tens cause the take off/land switch scores well. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

electricsnow 10-14-2005 6:56 PM

You guys are all wrong. Daniel Harf will land it first, and THEN phillip will land it. <BR> <BR>Daaamnnn, I'm just playin'...I respect both riders, regardless of attitudes and strategies. <BR> <BR>It could be a move for the young guns...it's hard to say. When you love something, there's no better feeling than learning a new trick or taking note of your own progress. With that said, darin shapiro landed the first 9 on film, and it was rumored (or stated in an old interview) that shaun murray landed a 9 on the "mayday" trip, but the cameras weren't on. <BR> <BR>In all honesty, I'm not super hyped on 1080's. The only thing that makes it cool is that it's been so elusive...

just_board 10-14-2005 7:18 PM

ooooh, elusssive.

driving 10-14-2005 9:23 PM

I personally pulled Mikey doing TS 9 way out in the flats. He is a very likely candidate. The only thing holding him back is the fact he lives in Mass. <BR>You can never count out Froggy, Danny, or Tino though. Hell there are tons of guys capable and close.

wakedad33 10-14-2005 9:34 PM

I'm with you Travis, Mike Marsh's run at Nationals convinced me. This kid can spin!!!!

jhilltn 10-17-2005 5:39 PM

<b>Travis</b>, has Marsh been down to TBS?

driving 10-17-2005 8:33 PM

Yeah. He comes down and stay with Keith Lyman. Keith helps us out a lot, and just comes out and ride a lot as well, so whenever Mikey is in town he heads out to our place.

andrew_moreton 10-17-2005 9:47 PM

anyone got any videos of mikey? I would love to see one of his runs

iamnathanhudson 10-18-2005 8:46 AM

hey how about this......NC is representing the 900......It wouldn't surprise me to see NC representing the 1080.....here is Alex Hamrick pulling off a 9 in this video. <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/img/15363" target="_blank">www.wakepics.com/img/15363</a>

iamnathanhudson 10-18-2005 8:49 AM

oh i forgot to mention that he is part of EndofRopeGang.....will the elusive 1080 fall within an EndofRopeGang member?

deepstructure 10-18-2005 10:01 AM

so i have a question - this thread shows that there are a metric ton of viable candidates. and really, it seems like anyone who's anyone, and plenty of people who aren't anyone, can throw 9s w2w even. <BR> <BR>my question is this - is there any advantage to throwing a trick like this off the du? if all these folks can throw 9s off the wake, why can't someone simply get another 180 with the "extra" time off the du? <BR> <BR>it seemed a big deal when tino did his 9 w2w - but one would have thought if they were throwing a trick like that w2w, that someone would have progressed it on the du by now, no? so why isn't that true? <BR> <BR>is it simply like parks said, that it's more a problem of running out of handle? or has the increase in normal wake size outpaced the increase in (or the advantage given by), double-up size?

jarrod 10-18-2005 10:23 AM

As you probably already know, it's not just about time, although I'm sure it helps. Adding an extra 180 could mean figuring out a new cut, handle position, body position, etc... <BR> <BR>As a learned, adding an extra 180 to my three wasn't just about time.

andy_nintzel 10-18-2005 10:24 AM

The problem is the momentum need to throw a Ten. Not the Handle or even the wake size. When people do 10's on a snowboard they have the advantage of being able to spin off the jump. On a wakeboard you use the handle to accelerate you rotation, hence the momentum issue. Thereís so much momentum that itís hard as hell to stick the landing. That being said my votes still for Tino.

andy_nintzel 10-18-2005 10:26 AM

J-Rod is right. Once I got 5's dialed, it was not that easy to add another 180 to bring it to seven. Even off the dub. Its still not that easy. To get a seven it took learning a whole new edge and timing.

uppledup17 10-18-2005 10:38 AM

Has technology made the 1080 more difficult to obtain? The wakes are so much bigger, the boards are faster with more pop. Parks threw it when tech. was nowhere near what it is today. Andy brought up a good point. The air and momentum you now get off a DU, some rather easy w2w tricks can be tough to stick on the DU. So have things gotten "too big"?

deepstructure 10-18-2005 11:05 AM

having not yet progressed beyond 3s (although i hope to soon so i'll let you know), i don't speak from experience - however, the idea of new cut, handle/body position, etc., doesn't make sense to me. <BR> <BR>i've never seen in any instructional about 5/7/9s any mention of seriously changing all the variables to get to the next 180. <BR> <BR>what i can say from experience is that what i was doing for 180s didn't really work for 3s - however, it wasn't that i had to learn a whole new edge because i wanted to do a new trick, it was that i hadn't been doing anything right the first time! once i went back and fixed my edging/positioning, etc., not only did i find my 3s practically effortless, but my 180s were much simpler as well. and i suddendly had insight on how i was going to get to the 5. it had seemed impossible before, now it makes sense. <BR> <BR>which sounds more like technique refinement rather than new technique...?

jarrod 10-18-2005 12:48 PM

Yeah maybe. I know that for me, going from a HS 3 to a 5 (which I have still only landed once) the difference was considerable. Keeping the handle in closer for the second pass instead of letting it out to stop spinning, flattening off at the pop (not staying on my heels) so that I could transfer weight over my toes, and head position (where I look) all were new things I had to learn. It was hard for me to break the habits from doing 3s and it actually screwed up my 3s for a while.

andy_nintzel 10-18-2005 1:21 PM

For me going from heel fs 5 to fs 7 was a major pain. I understood what need to be done but would either seriously over rotate or seriously under rotate my 7. Then one day while jumping on the tramp I realized that If I held the handle in a little tighter and closer to my front hip, it pulled me slightly more off axis. To get the same "pop" off the wake or Dub that I was getting when spinning on the tramp, I had to really flattin' out my board off the wake hence the "new Edge." Then I was having the same results as I was on the tramp. Latter that day they started coming around. I was stoked. Once I stared trying to grap them off the dub I had to change up my edge even more. Thats just my 2 cents worth.

kevin_bird 10-18-2005 5:17 PM

watch for mike marsh and steve edwards. I rode with mike over a year ago and he stuck a ts off 9 off the wake first try behind a wake he had never ridden before. In a lake only 6 feet deep

deepstructure 10-18-2005 5:25 PM

jrod/andy - thanks for the clarification and additional info. it's always interesting to get other rider's perspectives. much appreciated. <BR> <BR>so is it going to be a ts or hs 10? i would say ts since parks did it that way, then again his was switch, which seems crazy...

mjmurphy53711 10-18-2005 7:25 PM

lots of people spin better switch, but sw toeside is refriggindiculous. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

andy_nintzel 10-19-2005 3:07 PM


uppledup17 10-19-2005 3:30 PM

Hey Mike why do you say people spin better switch. I have yet to move to doing tricks switch so I was curious.

mjmurphy53711 10-19-2005 5:33 PM

its not really an educated statement adam, I personally feel more comfortable with my switch spins (the whole spinning left on a frontside vs spinning right on a frontside). For instance, I have attempted sw fives but not even considered regular heel fives. <BR> <BR>The only other thing I can say is it seems a lot of pros also do there 9's and such switch more often than regular.

10-19-2005 5:38 PM

if parks lost some weight i think he'd land them

andy_nintzel 10-19-2005 9:33 PM

hahahah parks is fat.

tahiti689 10-24-2005 11:57 PM

Dan Nott, from london. Killed it in singapore, good job. Came the closest in the 1080 contest, never tried it before this contest......you got it Dan!!!!

aaron__bell 10-25-2005 5:59 AM

chris o shea from aus, he is 19 or sumthin an stickin wake 900's hs and ts <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Aaron__bell on October 25, 2005)

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