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duffy 09-17-2013 6:12 AM

Side x Sides...are they junk?
As it turns colder here in the NE I'm looking to get back into riding. But instead of a dirtbike I was thinking side x side, Artic Cat Wildcat or a RZR. I also thought it would be the better option so my GF could ride along too. I was sold on the Wildcat then I started to research the issues and wow!!! It was difficult to find any forum or article that was positive. Even the RZRs had a lot of negative info. The top complaint with both was customer service and warranty coverage. Then second was obviously mechanical failure in numerous areas. With that said I realize these things arent tanks and will certainly have problems but it seems they are not holding up at all. They show them on advertisements being beat to death, but from what I have read they are hardly durable machines. I'll take all opinions please as I do not want to spend $$$$ on a piece of S&!T!

sppeders 09-17-2013 8:20 AM

For $20K, you can buy a pretty nice Jeep Wrangler that is much more practical than the side/side. Lots of jeep trails around? Or is it strictly ATV trails.

grant_west 09-17-2013 9:09 AM

Wildcats are pretty awesome. If you have been around sand cars and rails you would see that you can do some pretty crazy things with them that results parts going bad. Bottom line no one can make a light weight side by side that's going to be bullet proof it's a You wanna play your have to pay type of thing. The aftermarket industry is going strong for wildcat hop up parts and mod's the used market is pretty strong as well. Keep doing your research to get a idea what's going to be involved in keeping it running as far as maintenance and parts , for example if you know up front that snapping axels is not that uncommon and replacing them and or upgrading is or could be in Your future, then getting one and having problems is part of the deal. Guys that drive real hard have a Trailer FULL of spares.

yjwrangler95 09-17-2013 9:38 AM

Side by sides are great. I ride a 660 rhino, its more utility than sport but is perfect for what i do. I have a linked jeep on 43's if i want to get to rowdy. I have friends with a rzr 800 and it is a nice machine, he had some crank trouble but overall teh machine is plush. I have nothing notable to add about an artic cat.

depending on what you are doing a fuel injected 700 rhino is pretty much bullet proof.

brett33 09-17-2013 10:00 AM

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I'm a fan of Polaris side by sides and Jeeps. Haven't had an significant issues with any of my machines. The RZR is a lot of fun.

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