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bstphen24 05-25-2010 1:34 AM

Which length?
Recently purchased an '89 nautique. We will be surfing behind it at times for something else to do on the water. I am between buying a board in the 5'6" range and 4'6-9" range. Which would you guys recommend? Most of the riders will not be real experienced wake surfers at this point but are fairly skilled wake boarders. My other dilemma is that there will be some 200+ guys using it. Any help is appreciated and any leads on one for cheaper than a new one would be great.

Almost forgot, I am looking for a board that is built thing like the broadcast so that it will fit in my racks.

schmidt18 05-25-2010 9:00 AM

I have a slightly used CWB Ride 5'3" for sale. It fits in my board racks now. We ride anywhere from 5'4" 125 lbs up to 6'4" 220lbs on it and everyone has been able to free ride. My wake was pretty small last year too; imo, it ranks up there in the top learning boards.New ballast and a bigger wake this year thought! I'm just really wanting a swallow tail, more advanced, board now.

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