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norwalkbeast 07-31-2012 6:37 PM

Board Rack Question
We have a monster tower on our boat and I want to get board racks for it that wont break the bank. Monster tower has some that swivel racks that are blems that are $130, but they are aslo made for a wakesurf board. We don't wakesurf at all, but would you still be able to put a wakeboard on there? Im worried that since the slot is bigger the board would bounce around and hit the other board. Thanks in advance for the help!

brett564 07-31-2012 9:09 PM

Without seeing them, probably not. You wouldn't want your wakeboard bounding around on the racks too much.

downfortheride 07-31-2012 9:44 PM

Might want to pass on them... I see your boards playing paddy cake while in the racks... Check out http://onlyinboards.com/AccessorySho...cts/Racks.aspx for some pretty cheap options.

Giddyup 07-31-2012 11:24 PM

i have the monster swivel rack, i have a thin board that fits in the narrower slot, my other boards dont bounce around at all in the larger slot. we only drive about three miles to were we ride. the rack is well made and the swivel works great, only put them on in may, but they work great and the price is good, was thinking of sandblasting them to make them silver but im liking the black on my boat tough to beat the price

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