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sexyws6mama 08-05-2010 8:29 AM

Knee Injury and Getting Back
I suffered a MCL grade 2 sprain almost a month ago and my knee is still stiff and I don't have full range of motion back yet. If I turn too quickly, it feels wierd. It may be I'm worried about re-injuring myself and I haven't fully broken up the scar tissue. I have been back surfing last weekend (with a brace of course) and did okay. I wanted to try to get back on the wakeboard (with brace of course) but wanted to ask your opinions on my bindings.

Right now, they are ducked out pretty good (since that's how my stance was pre-injury) but now I wonder if I should move my bindings in more of a parallel position so that there isn't too much strain on my MCL again. Has anyone done this before? When they are ducked out (turned out) I feel it on my MCL a little and that worries me. I feel like my knee is at a valuable position ducked out. Granted I'm only going to get up and crave (no jumps) so I just want to make sure my board is set up to cater my current needs. On the surfboard I tried to keep my knee more parellel to the wake.

Let me know your thoughts!

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