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surfdad 07-08-2010 8:31 PM

Launch Ramp stories
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Ok, I had to share this story and if you've got your own funny story please feel free to add. A picture first, I'd like you to meet Cleat:

surfdad 07-08-2010 8:40 PM

So...coming up on the ramp, I see this guy in a wife beater and overalls - looks like a goober that had lost his tractor. He's walking down the middle of the road to the launch ramp and waving me down.

I pull up and the guy introduces himself and asks if we have a phone to make a local call. I say sure and dial the number, which turns out to be his wife, Pauline.

So Cleat talks to Pauline and starts the conversation like this - Hey Leenie, it's Cleet, I DID run out of gas...yeah yeah hahahaha. :)

So the picture is making sense now? Cleat got his boat TO the ramp, but ran his truck out of gas on the ramp pulling out :)

So Cleat goes on to tell me, that he JUST got a new fishing pole (see picture) and ouldn't wait to try it out. He was so excited he forgot to check the gas gauge. Then he goes on to say, I so excited, I'm thinking about leaving the truck where it is and taking the boat out! :)

scottnaz 07-08-2010 8:51 PM

And......Cleat had a big fat chew in his mouth and very few teeth....?? :):)

hematoma 07-08-2010 8:55 PM

Man you want some launch stories? Go to Lake Havisu during a holiday weekend. Fist fights, family brawls you name it.

StanleyWheelhouse 07-09-2010 10:02 AM

Few years back wife and I had pulled the boat out and were doing our usual wipe downs. All of a sudden we heard this god awful grinding noise that sounded like metal grinding on concrete. it was loud. the sound was coming from the boat ramp. a guy took his nice looking mariah and just beached it right up on the concrete boat ramp like it was no thing. Then when and got his trailer.

tonyv420 07-09-2010 10:28 AM

Ok so yesterday at the ramp, it was crowded and looked like i was not going to geta spot in the trailer lot. Good thing my friend lives down the street from the lake and lets me park in her driveway. So my friend and wife launch the boat and I proceed to park the trailer. Its 95 out so i'm not gonna run back to the dock, i'm walking back at a nice average pace. I get back to the dock and my Friend apparently has been bitching to my wife that what the hell is taking tony so long! He needs to step it up, I'm freakin hot, He needs to two step it! My wife refrains from saying anything, like go the hell home then if your that impaient. Which she probably should have. I did not find this out until I got home. But I could tell that things were a little tense for awhile on the boat. Long story short, it kinda set the tone for the day, and seemed like we just could not have fun. Who goes out on someone elses boat and bitches about every last thing possible??? Like I said before I have the lamest friends in the world. Lord please send me some wakesurfing friends that actually enjoy themselves! Sorry to jack the thread,its not much of a launch ramp story, but I really needed to vent! thanks for listening. If you live in western wash. and like to surf pm me ( no whiners please LOL )

tonyv420 07-09-2010 10:40 AM

RaaaJaaa!!!! Where are you!!!!

desotodave 07-09-2010 2:04 PM

Three years ago we take a trip down to Lake Powell, and launch at Bullfrog. Trip was okay with a few problems along the way. So, we get to the ramp to load the boat. It is 106 degrees outside and this is the longest ramp in the world!!! Literally our car was parked 1.5 miles away. So, I take off and head out to get the car. Hardly anyone on the ramp just an old guy in an aluminum fishing boat, and his buddy who is just coming down the ramp in the truck. Because there is no traffic I can't hitch a ride and it takes forever to get to the car. When I finally get back down to the ramp the old guys are still there trying to load their boat. I back-in, the wife pulls the boat on the trailer and away we go... Okay, no story there, but while I was got it was crazy!. The old guy driving the truck (had to be at least 80, with dark tanned skinned that looked like leather was wearing the smallest THONG bikini I have ever seen. It was so small he even had one round object hanging out one side. Well, my 5 (at the time) year old daughter is VERY loud and the whole time was yelling OOH Gross!!! LOOK at that man. You can see his BUM etc etc. This went on constantly for the 20 minutes or so that I was gone to get the boat. Seriously one of the most horrible experiences of my wife and daughters boating life.

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