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knarbar 03-02-2009 11:07 AM

Has any companies changed there bolt patterns this year. I tend to mix match my setups because HL boots fit like a glove, yet I love the ride of LF boards. Last year I had the 139 Lyman with atlas' and that set up was really nice. Just wondering if any bolt patterns were changed and if you can still match HL boots to an LF board.

wakerider111 03-02-2009 9:49 PM

All boots will fit all boards. the only quirks you might run into is that all the stance width options might not be available to you without an adapter plate. I think EVERYONE has gone to a 6 inch mounting by now, so if you have an '09 board and '09 boot (of ANY company), i'd imagine there would be no quirks at all <BR> <BR>... except the ever present bolt-depth issue which is an easy fix by buying different bolts, grinding your bolts down, or adding washers. an easy fix. <BR> <BR>you should be good to go no matter what, just be sure to communicate with the shop you go through to be sure as always.

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