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jman 09-09-2007 9:06 PM

just learned these today. I went wake to wake with one which felt amazing. bs 180 just feel so good, slow,etc. i figured i would share what helped me land these. <BR> <BR>i started by doing ole bs 180 outside the wake, landing wrapped, and with a late handle pass. then i went inside out on the wake, then one wake bs1, to wake to wake. biggest thing for me was passing the handle pretty much as i landed, and you have to be patient in the air to not pass to early and don't chicken out in the middle of the trick or you will get pulled out of rotation. <BR> <BR>hope this helps

dlwsrider 09-10-2007 9:45 PM

It is important to pass the handle late, but the most important part of the trick is to look behind you when you land, this will keep the trick smooth and prevent that yank that occurs when you slightly over rotate the backside 180. <BR> <BR>it also helps for you when your trying to learn how to land it wrapped

cremeikas 09-27-2007 7:48 PM

I've been learning them Ollie for a few days now, and i was OWC today trying to learn them, one of the cable guys was saying so make sure you get your HIP all the way around, and until he said that, i couldnt really lock them in, but it helped alot. <BR> <BR>I even took one of the kicker :P

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