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liquidforce519 09-26-2003 4:21 PM

hey im 13 and live in alabama iv been wakeboardin 4 5 years any idea on how i could get a sponsor

wakeboard_kid3 09-27-2003 5:37 PM

Well how good are you. Alot of pp want sponsors and think they are just a snap to get. You need to put in lots of hard work. You have to send most of them a resume with a short video and a bio about your self.

liquidforce519 09-27-2003 6:13 PM

well i can do a 360,backside 180,grabs,grab 180 and gust some other stuff.i know im not that good but im just 13 or how good were u when u were 13 or any elese?i dont know i may suk for my age.

dococ 09-27-2003 9:17 PM

Here are a few things to consider if you are serious about this: <BR>1) Why do you want a sponsorship? <BR>2) What types of sponsorship(s) are you thinking would provide you with whatever it is you are looking for (local, national, etc?) <BR>3) THE MOST IMPORTANT: What do you have to offer a potential sponsor? I mean, what is it about you that would be valuable to a potential sponsor? I'm not trying to burst your bubble Ben, but 13 year olds with a handful of inverts and punk attitudes are a dime a dozen in many areas. People think riders get sponsorships simply because they can do a lot of hard tricks, but there usually is more to it. This may be harder to figure out, but take a good look at yourself and what types of things you might be able to do to help promote a company in the public eye and help move product, and then you might be on the right track. <BR>It is always good to get to know the people who run the local shops and put on the local contests, and getting to know your regional product reps is the next step. Also, think beyond the obvious companies. Emily Copeland has a Club Med sponsorship and Leslie Kent was sponsored by Burger King because her father had some corporate ties that got her foot in the door there, but still she had to have something to offer them, do you see what I'm getting at? Years ago, I'm told that Gregg Necrason was offered a sponsorship from local BBQ joint in his neighborhood. I think he decided not to go with it because they wanted him to put a pink pig on his wakeboard or something and I guess he was established enough that he didn't feel it was needed for him at the time, but that was some damn good BBQ for sure! <BR>If you just want free boards and stuff, then I would recommend you keep practicing and start winning your local contests, always maintain a positive public image, and get to know the product reps and other industry players in your area. Good luck with it!

wakeworld 09-27-2003 11:05 PM

<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/Articles/2001/Sponsorship.asp" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/Articles/2001/Sponsorship.asp</a>

kent 09-28-2003 7:51 PM

Davids article is really good. I found one of the best things is always staying positive and upbeat, mabye start hanging around in your local shop and offer to give them a hand once in a while.

westsidarider 09-28-2003 9:57 PM

the best advise you can be givin for this subject is no matter what remember that wakeboarding is about you expressing yourself and your riding. its all about you and having fun. dont let getting sponsored cloud your mind. remeber that your out there for yourself and no one else more than anything. HAVE FUN

barefooter12 09-29-2003 10:29 AM

a 13yr old just won the INT nat. in outlaw and outlaw in smi pro.

bradey_132 10-12-2003 2:31 PM

id say to get a sponsership at thirteen you should be able to a mobe and quite a bit of flips or get about top 7 in boys divion at nationals <BR>thats what i think itleast. <BR>u could ask for pro deals whitch are just like 25 percent off.

tigerblp 10-13-2003 11:55 AM

i agree with doctor octagon, one of the things you definatetly need to figure out is why you want a sponsorship. Plus, what kind of exposure do you have to offer them. I mean, who knows? you may be pretty hot stuff on your home lake and have a lot of buddies that listen to what you have to say. But if you just want to be cool and say you have a sponsor, you're in it for all the wrong reasons. I've been pretty lucky, as a girl, in the sport, because there are far less girls that ride than guys. But I have all my sponsors for a reason, some help me out financially for tournaments, some send me all the gear i need to ride, some help me wakeboard period (it's tough not having a boat). Figure out what you need and go after those companies.

blind5 10-15-2003 10:19 AM

ben what lake do you ride on? we ride on lake mitchell or lake martin. i'm not familiar with montroose.

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