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keithwallaz 06-07-2013 4:34 PM

New ride-
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Well it's been a few years since I have been on Wakeworld or any other site and now I'm back. I finally pulled the trigger, got rid of my Daytona and purchased a wake boarding boat. Now that my kids are boarding and surfing, the time was right.

2011 Malibu 247, loaded, with a complete Wetsounds system. Only had it out once for a real quick ride. Tomorrow is the maiden voyage. :D

lifetimewarranty 06-07-2013 4:39 PM


boardman74 06-07-2013 4:39 PM


bcrider 06-07-2013 5:03 PM

I saw that thing online. That's a purdy boat right ther!!

polarbill 06-07-2013 5:17 PM

so sick. now you need a Red truck with black accents.

sgoyal 06-07-2013 5:28 PM

Love the color...

Bumpass1 06-07-2013 7:27 PM

Straight up pimpin'. Looks good.

keithwallaz 06-07-2013 11:55 PM

Thanks everyone! The whole family loves this boat! It's incredible, but now I have so many wakeboards, surfboards, and other items to buy. My wallet is on overload....lol Thanks again for the great comments.

durty_curt 06-08-2013 8:29 AM

Ok The first Two Pics I Can Totally Recognize were Taken At The shell/Filibertos Gas Station Down The Street From My House! But The Other Pics I Don't Recognize Anywhere In AZ... And Arkansas license On The Bu?

greg2 06-08-2013 12:28 PM

It was at S & G in AR. Did you drive out and pick it up?

k59 06-08-2013 2:40 PM

How much did it run you?

keithwallaz 06-09-2013 1:42 PM

@ DC...I bought the boat out of Arkansas, so a few of those pictures are from the seller. The others are from the Shell/Filbertos on Power and McDowell. I live up the hill.

@Greg... No I had a shipping company bring it out to me. It worked out great...Finished the deal on the boat Thursday, air mailed the check to the seller that night, check got their at 10:30, I had the boat picked up at noon, was in Phoenix on my b-day Sunday June 2nd. Great experience.

@T... Which part? The boat or the shipping?

tyler97217 06-10-2013 11:18 AM

Great looking boat. Congrats!

keithwallaz 06-10-2013 11:55 AM

Thanks Diggs! We love it!

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